Excellence Happens in Vegas

Cross posted from EduShyster’s blog. Keeping an eye on the corporate education agenda. It’s time once again to climb aboard the rephorm express. Today we’re headed west, to Vegas, baby: home to the legendary Strip, the Hoover Dam, and these days, plenty of excellence, Teach for America style. Alas, what happens in Vegas likely won’t […]

Corporate Bullies Attack Free Speech

With all the recent brouhaha about the second amendment, firearm regulation and out of control gun violence, one would think that’s the only amendment under attack. Not so… There exists a different form of violence assaulting our first amendment rights — cowardly legal attacks meant to silence free speech and intimidate their victims. They’re called SLAPP […]

Cyber Schools — Michigan Could Learn from the Pennsylvania Experiment

Its been nearly a year since Democracy Tree covered its first story on cyber schools. In the course of research, various Internet searches are conducted, and in February of 2012 a search for “cyber-schools” yielded a first page of results with multiple articles and scholarly research on the subject. Fast forward to January of 2013 […]

Charter Schools — Socializing Debt and Privatizing Profit

In Michigan, Gov. Snyder’s education policies have effectively put a For Sale sign on every public school student — launching an explosion in the growth of charter schools, and we are just now beginning to see some credible analysis on the charter boom impact. Much of it focuses on the Detroit area where public schools are hemorrhaging […]

Jobs Bill Stalls – Legislation Allowing More Corporate Access To Prison Labor Passed

A VLTP Special Report by Bob Sloan, Executive Director LABOR UNIONS AND GROUPS – PULL THE WOOL FROM OVER YOUR EYES AND GET ACTIVELY INVOLVED NOW – BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! Over the past two weeks VLTP published the first, second and final segments of an expose reporting on the use of prison labor in Nevada to deny jobs to local […]

ALEC’s Radioactive Legislation

Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… ANOTHER Pennsylvania ALEC free market experiment HARMS human subjects. Another Pennsylvania ALEC relationship is Randy Smith, Exxon Mobil Government Affairs Manager. He represents Exxon Mobil on ALEC’s corporate (“Private Enterprise”) board as of 2011. Smith also sits on Governor Tom Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission that considers the impact of natural gas drilling […]

Rape of America’s Workers: Crime Victims – Now Prisoners Given Their Jobs

Today Nevada Workers Lose Jobs to Inmates – Next it Could be your Turn Third and final segment of the series on Nevada’s situation involving unfair competition by use of prisoner labor by Bob Sloan, Executive Director, VLTP.net “Insourcing”..: there is no current definition for this word in our Urban Dictionary or Websters. I plan to […]

DPS — The Incredible Shrinking School District

It’s reality check time for Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts. In  a recent correspondence with his staff, he all but admits that the Emergency Management scheme is seriously flawed. Referencing the free-fall in student enrollment as seriously problematic, he tells employees the following: …the reality remains that if we continue to lose students the district will […]

Three Reforms to Top N.C. Agenda – Americans For Prosperity

by Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity Now with a new governor working with the Legislature, here are the three key reforms to watch in the coming legislative session: First, the Legislature needs to bring the benefits of fiscal responsibility home to each taxpayer through permanent tax reform. While the details have yet to […]

Keystone Pipeline First Challenge for Obama on Climate Change

With two new reports describing greenhouse gas emissions from oil sands development as even worse than expected, environmentalists and sustainable investors are likely to scrutinize the State Department’s upcoming decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. This week, SocialFunds.com reported on two new reports analyzing potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from oil sands extraction in Alberta, […]