ALEC an Issue in Weston, CT Election

Hat’s Off to Leon Karvellis–Way to paint conservatives with ALEC’s legislation record.  After all, they pay to sell their votes to corporations and promote radical right wing legislation to the benefit of Corporations and the 1%

…The candidates were asked how special interests influence legislators, and particularly how they would deal with ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Mr. Shaban said he attended an ALEC conference but the group “hasn’t pitched a bill to me.” He compared it to the League of Conservation Voters, saying it is a special interest group like thousands of others “I’m not going to get steered by one,” he said.

Mr. Karvelis took umbrage with Mr. Shaban’s comparing ALEC with the conservation league.

ALEC is not an above-board lobbying group, he said. It “holds meetings behind closed doors” and then asks legislators to bring ideas and bills back to their legislatures, Mr. Karvelis said. These people do not have the public’s interests in mind,” he said, adding ALEC’s goals include privatizing education and prisons. He said it was “ludicrous” Mr. Shaban would attend such a meeting.

To read the entire account from the Weston (CT) Forum, please click here.

If you are a politician–take note of this strategy.  It’s a winner.