ALEC and Their Corporate Member AT&T team up in CA.on ALEC Model Legislation To Rip-Off Consumers

From Nieman Watchdog by Bruce Kushnick

As the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continues to bleed corporate, foundation and legislative members the “we don’t lobby” conservative lobbyist group out of DC continues to pursue their agenda undauntedly. AT&T has been under increased pressure from activist and Occupy groups for months to dump ALEC following the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida.  This legislative action in California demonstrates clearly why AT&T has refused to give in to the continuous pressure by consumers and activists alike to quit the legislative ghost-writing organization.

ALEC meets this coming week in Salt Lake City, UT. where no doubt AT&T will be present and pushing for increased dissemination of this CA. bill to the other states…and possibly more of similar self-serving telecom legislation.

From the Kushnick article:

“AT&T is asking the California legislature for a big favor. A new bill — based on model legislation from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) would remove all regulations on voice-over-Internet services (VOIP) — meaning that, as one progressive group put it, ‘just as most Americans are moving to new technologies, the state might pull out the rug on any rules to protect consumers who use it.'”

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