ALEC Executive Director Caught LYING about NRA

WELL – ALEC is doing what they do best again – LYING

An editorial by Executive Director Ron Scheberle included the following misleading statements (my emphasis):

“I wish that our critics would conduct themselves similarly. Instead, liberal activist groups like Color of Change have used this tragedy to falsely accuse ALEC of collaborating with the National Rifle Association on model legislation. The truth is that ALEC has no affiliation with the NRA, which is not a member of ALEC.

“ALEC is a partnership between state legislators, members of the nonprofit and private sectors, and the general public that works to support the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government and federalism at the state level. ALEC does not have any model legislation involving the NRA.”

Ron – really – when you lie down with dogs like the NRA for over two decades – you’re going to get fleas.

Let’s see – all I have to do is go back to my posting after the Trayvon Martin Shooting and I have items like this:

From April 2012
NRA Reportedly Seething Over Elimination Of ALEC Task Force
Erickson reported:

At Grover Norquist’s Wednesday meeting a discussion about the ongoing assault against ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, came up. Multiple sources (there are hundreds in the room) tell me that the NRA representative took issue with ALEC getting rid of his public safety section. That section has drafted a model “stand your ground” law, which Florida passed.

The NRA representative claimed that if ALEC was going to run away from the fight on these public safety issues, ALEC might just run away from other issues too, e.g. immigration.

Erickson further reported that an ALEC representative present at the meeting complained that the NRA had refused to help his organization push back on attacks they were receiving.

And you have this:

The National Rifle Association – NRA

The NRA is a long-time member and long-time funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and an NRA representative has served on the Public Safety and Elections Task Force for many years. .”[3]

Tara Mica, NRA-Institute for Legislative Action State Liaison, was the co-chair of ALEC’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force for a number of years, until the Spring of 2011. [4] [5] [6] (formerly known as the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security). [7]

The NRA was a “Vice-Chairman” level sponsor of 2011 American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Conference, which in 2010, equated to $25,000.[8]

And you have this

How long,

1989-1990 Source Book of American State Legislation

Task Force on Law and Justice
Private Sector Coordinating Committee
Chuck Cunningham – State Liaison
National Rifle Association

1992 ALEC Annual Report
Private Sector Member

1993 Annual Meeting
ü      Skeet Shoot sponsored by the NRA
ü      Panelist on workshop
ü      Luncheon Keynote Speaker:  Protecting Your Rights: Reducing Violent Crime; Wayne LaPierre,         Executive Director National Rifle Association
ü      Entertainment & Hospitality Sponsor
ü      ALEC’s Private Sector Member

1995 – ALECs 22nd Annual Meeting
Tanya Metaksa of the National Rifle Association gave a stirring speech on the imperative to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

1997 ALEC Annual Meeting Handbook
ü      Annual Meeting Sponsors – Vice Chairman Level
ü      ALEC Private Sector Member
ü      ALEC Shooting Sports Event Tallow Creek Shooting Club & BeauChene Country Club Sponsored by the National Rifle Association

InsideALEC – June 2010 Article
ALEC Brief Defends Second Amendment
BY CHRIS W. COX, NRA Institute for Legislative Action

In a few short weeks, the Supreme Court will deliver a decision that will have a great impact on all Americans’ Second Amendment rights. If the Court’s decision is favorable, American gun owners will be on the verge of a major step forward—due in large part to the support of organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its members.

Chris W. Cox is the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. The NRA is a member of ALEC’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force.

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