ALEC Parent Trigger Laws – Kill the Public Schools

There is some ALEC legislation that is encouraging parents to take matters into their own hands and kill their public schools.


When the largest part of any state’s budget is public education, you end up with some very rich individuals looking for ways to attack public schools to get at the money.  After years of convincing the public that teachers and public schools are failing their children, now ALEC has begun to raise an army.

The army is parents.  The army’s leaders are Republicans and Democrats who have received money to lobby for reform and change – and to implement ALEC legislation.  WOW – a bipartisan effort to hate the public schools and teachers. Everyone seems to believe our public schools are failing.

This public school teacher believes public schools can always improve – there are real needs – especially in areas of poverty.  But it’s a lie that all public schools are failing.  I also KNOW we cannot let ALEC and the paid minions forward their privatizing corporate agenda.  The corporations and billionaires are NOT about improving education; they are about attacking to get money and the mission is to improve their own bottom line.

And now there is a new tool to QUICKLY kill public schools.  If 51% of parents vote to become a charter and pull the trigger – BOOM!  There it is.  ALEC legislation will allow the community to “pull the trigger” and kill their neighborhood schools.  Then the parents take over and/or create a charter school.

Parent involvement is definitely needed and any teacher will tell you this.  Are parents capable of running a school, distinguishing appropriate curriculum, and hiring/firing the most capable instructors?  These parents who take-over after pulling the trigger are vested and committed to the neighborhood school for the long-term?

Is there anyone else lurking nearby to help those neighborhoods?  Do you think profiteers enjoy parents battling to kill public schools, so that at some point they can dominate and stake a claim?  It seems like a democratic way to obtain the school building, begin implementation of for-profit corporate testing, for-profit curriculum, and for-profit union-busting employment tactics.


When you really look at where the money is coming from to support these ideas, you have to question whether Parent Trigger Laws are really about improving education.  Billionaires are funding the legislation.  Billionaires are funding public school killing propaganda.  Billionaires who stand to profit from privatizing take-overs.

Why would we question?

Let’s look at the most recent well-funded attempt to forward a public school and union killing agenda – a movie.  Won’t Back Down has some stars, a feel good story, and an agenda.  Phil Anschutz, who funded this project, is a very, very wealthy man with an extreme right-wing agenda.  He also helped fund Waiting for Superman, a movie to convince the public that schools are failing.  Why would such a rich man decided to spend millions on this issue?

Click here:    Phil Anschutz’s Stake

You can NOT blame this public school teacher for being skeptical.  Let me be clear.  I’m for improvement.  This is NOT improvement.

Billionaires should not control our public schools.  Charters are not an improvement.  Privatizing our public schools is a severe mistake.  Unions and teachers are NOT the enemy.  We will NOT be better off in any neighborhood implementing ALEC legislation.  And people like Phil Anschutz do not know what is best for students and the people who teach them to read.

Encouraging parents to “pull the trigger” without fully explaining what will really happen next or WHO is behind the law in the first place – is a little manipulative and conniving, don’t you think?


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