ALEC’s U.S. Congressional “Corrupt Practices” Report – What ALEC Alumni are Doing in DC


ALEC Corrupt Practices

Thought the AMerican Legislative Exchange Council was only involved in corrupting state lawmakers…passing pro-corporate laws state by state?  They are much more dangerous than that.  When their state members are elected to Congress they become “alumni” and continue to advance ALEC’s agenda right into the halls of both Houses through a hidden tenth Task Force called the “Federal Forum.”  Today there are 100 current sitting members of our Senate and House who have loyalty and ties to ALEC.

This report documents how they are able to “fast track” legislation important to them; suspending the rules, limiting discussion and pushing an immediate vote that allows their legislation to be passed with only a handful of House members present and voting.  See how many times they’ve done this, including in landmark legislation involving an attempt to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

When ALEC legislation comes under attack through litigation, ALEC and their cabal are there, behind the scenes filing “friend of the court” briefs – with some cases drawing more than 20 such briefs from all their affiliates – to sway the court’s opinion.

Includes how ALEC’s Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) became the law of the land regarding criminalizing animal rights activism.  Learn about Charles Koch’s Institute for Humane Studies used to recruit hundreds of college students annually for positions as “interns” at more than 90 conservative think tanks, foundations and organizations including ALEC, Heritage foundation, Reason foundation and CATO Institute.

The various foundations, organizations and institutes representing the “Cabal” are identified in this report.  You’ll learn about this network funding all expense paid trips for federal judges, state appellate and supreme court justices and conservative religious leaders.  These trips provide seminars where our judiciary are programmed by the corporate presentations to favor pro-corporate positions on key issues and cases.  See a 20/20 investigative video about these “Junkets for Judges.”  Learn about George Mason University funding from Koch and their judicial trips and seminars.

Koch’s involvement with influencing colleges and universities to get “his” brand of economics, business admin and environmental curricula taught in top state colleges. How a revolving door policy is used to allow ALEC’s advisers to move back and forth from public to private sector positions, using their contacts to increase ALEC’s influence within our government.

It’s all here in one in-depth report that chronicles ALEC’s history, legislative practices, corruption and prohibited involvement at the federal level.  Two years of research provided to VLTP visitors without charge.  If this report benefits you or your organization, please consider supporting our work by donating to our research costs.  We operate without corporate or government funding, relying upon our members and supporters generosity to continue our important work.

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