Bad Timing? Jeb Bush Gloats About Ed Reforms

“Jeb Bush picked a bad time to engage in some freelance gloating.

“The former Florida governor wrote an op-ed piece last month for The Washington Times to point out how his educational reforms in Florida have led to such impressive gains by minority students that the state hasn’t had to resort to redefining success.

” ‘Instead of merely adjusting expectations for different demographic groups, educators should set the same high standards for all children,’ Bush wrote. ‘They then should adopt a plan that emphasizes the progress being made by all low performers, regardless of demographics. For more than a decade, Florida has taken this approach.’

“A few weeks after Bush’s piece was published, Florida abandoned that approach. Like I (Frank Cerabino, author of this post) said, bad timing.

“Florida’s State Board of Education revised its strategic plan by acknowledging for the first time that its carrot-and-stick, high-stakes testing approach to education reform has left an achievement gap along racial and ethnic lines that’s too big to close in the next six years.

“So rather than cling to the notion that all Florida public school students are being held to the same expectations, the state board has set goals for achievement based on race, ethnicity, economic standing, English language proficiency, and disabilities.”

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