Campaign finance board to investigate ALEC

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board says it will investigate the American Legislative Exchange Council’s lobbying status in Minnesota.

The board disclosed the investigation in a letter to Common Cause Minnesota, the local arm of a national group that is asking many states to probe whether the conservative organization has violated its tax-exempt status.

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Do you think that this might have to do with the following from ALEC’s Spring Summit?

In their Civil Justice task force workshop, ALEC introduced model legislation that would limit the ability of attorneys general to pursue lawsuits against private-sector companies on behalf of their states. It’s called the Attorney General Authority Act. 

In other words, an attorney general would be required to obtain a statute from his/her state legislature before they could file a lawsuit against an entity. Imagine the havoc this would create in cases of corporate malfeasance. The hands of the attorney general would, in effect, be completely tied until a statute was issued in favor of legal action.