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Dead Voters & Fraudulent Claims – Desperation to Disenfranchise Voters in NC – VIDEO

Veronica Degraffenreid, elections liason for the North
Carolina State Board of Elections, talks with Rachel
Maddow about the burden on the election boards in her state to address the frivolous claims of dead voters on the rolls by a tea party group called the Voter Integrity Project.

To date, neither the state nor any of the county boards have found any instances of anyone voting who should not have.

We have not found any instances of voter fraud” after hundreds of hoursand how much money–of researching the Tea Party claim, instead of preparing for the elections as they are charged to do.

This can be tracked to True The Vote efforts.  The Tea Party movement out to Texas to intimidate and try to scare people for  registering or voting.

VIP is categorized in the media as a non-partisan non-profit organization according to their web site and claims in their actions.

But they are not listed with the state as a non-profit; they are actually registered with the state as a business.  After being challenged, they have removed their claims of being a non-profit.

Veronica Degraffenreid says what VIP is doing is
unprecedented.  They are winding down their research as VIP did not have all of the necessary data required to make a decision if any given person was deceased–as is already done by the state’s HHS Department.

No instances have been found of anyone trying to vote under the name of someone deceased.  It proves that the NC voter rolls are indeed sound.

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TRMS – 9/20/12  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/49112935#49112935


Voter Protection or Voter Suppression? 8min – VIDEO

This video looks at the voter protection bills that have
been proposed in over 40 states. On the surface these
laws seem logical, but as we dig into the reasoning and
people who created them, we see that they are being
pushed in the name of voter suppression.

And “All roads lead to ALEC”.

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A Thought about those who Quit ALEC – Editorial

I watch the numbers grow.  It’s now 40 corporations, 4 non-profits, and 70 legislators which have quit ALEC.  Those are some impressive numbers.

But to me, the most significant number here does not get enough emphasis—70 legislators.

We’ve read that many of the corporations quitting ALEC have either started working with another member of the Cabal, or have increased their ongoing efforts with other Cabal members such as CSL and NCCPR,among others.  (I fear how many we don’t know about.)

For some, I suspect that ALEC had outlived its usefulness and the circumstances of public pressure provided great cover for them to quit and say how they didn’t know anything about ALEC’s political agenda.  They were just content to admit to liking the ability to meet directly with legislators to discuss the issues.  But hell, we know ALEC is a lobbying influence peddler.  That’s kind of a given at this point–due, I must point out, to the efforts of the progressive coalition.

But the legislators who quit are people (corporations will never be human) who are facing their constituents with their political careers on the line.  And that means a great lot.  It takes a certain degree of courage as well as a finding of one’s inner core values.

I’d like to see the progressive coalition, which is getting so many well-deserved kudos for getting an increasing number of corporations to quit ALEC, intensify their efforts to get more legislators to quit ALEC.  This will inject ALEC’s political agenda into election races where ALEC members are running–please, somebody tell Tim Kaine what this means–and make their members defend themselves for what ALEC has done, is doing, and plans to do.

Someone Needs to Tell the World – ALEC is NOT the USA!

I saw this snip on the front page of Think Progress just now:
House Republicans will introduce legislation today that would restrict the nation’s U.N. contributions “to only the specific purposes outlined by Congress” and would withhold any funding for a U.N. agency that “helps Palestinian refugees.” Noting that the U.N. has never promoted American interests more, a Better World Initiative said the bill would “severely erode America’s leadership role” and “undermine our nation’s security.”

And it made me think of this: piece from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

The Case for Expanding ALEC’s Role in International Affairs:

“The common conservative mistrust of the United Nations is well-known. While there are many reservations one may have regarding the organization, two of the strongest and most often-cited are these: First, at its core, the UN exists fundamentally to forfeit the sovereignty of nations in favor of the consensus of the international community. The notion of handing U.S. sovereignty off to any other power is anathema to many of us, and rightly so. Second, the UN has demonstrated that it is often unable to efficiently implement the powers and regulations it has pursued. Even if one is concerned with the purpose of the organization, there is cause for even greater concern regarding whether the UN is capable of carrying out that purpose well and wisely.

This is why ALEC aims to apply for membership as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status with the UN. If successful, our voice would be added to a chorus of over 3,000 organizations, including the AARP, the American Psychological Association, Lawyers Without Borders, and the Salvation Army. Achieving consultative status with the UN would give ALEC a new and unique edge in its mission to defend itself and its clients against governments, policies, and global trends that continue to challenge our individual liberties and free market interests.”
We all know or should know that ALEC has expanded it’s reach beyond the United States having infiltrated many countries of the world.  They are currently fighting labeling of cigarettes in Australia in an effort to maintain revenues for their corporate sector members…
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ALEC Now Sponsoring Overtly Political Events with the RSC

GOP’s corporate front group

The revolving door between Capital Hill, the lobbying sector, and corporate jobs is out of control. Unaccountable corporate lobbyists write laws, draft budgets, and create policies that protect personal and business interests.

…But perhaps it is no surprise that the federal Republicans and ALEC have finally gotten a room, and that it’s at the Heritage Foundation. Republicans and ALEC have long held similar beliefs and worked together on the state level. President Bush and other top Republican leaders have spoken to ALEC. The group, which used to be a nonpartisan corporate front group, happy to advance legislation to either party, as long as it served its corporate backers, has increasingly become the state-based arm of the Republican Party’s progressively more conservative legislative agenda.

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ALEC Pursues Control of the U.S. Senate in November – The Allen vs. Kaine Virginia Senate Race –

Former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) are tied in the latest poll of the Virginia Senate race.  Allen and Kaine are tied among likely voters with 46 percent support apiece, according to a new Marist poll conducted for NBC and The Wall Street Journal.

With Democrats scrambling to hold control of the Senate and regain the House majority in November, I’m puzzled by the lack of attention to Allen’s affiliations with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Allen has a long history of affiliation with ALEC going back to his days in the Virginia legislature.

For the past 18 months, ALEC has come under increasing scrutiny due to their involvement in advancing a partisan conservative agenda throughout the US – including that of suppressing the right to vote by minorities, the elderly and college students.  Forty corporations and more than fifty legislators have dropped membership in ALEC since April of 2011.  The latest to cut ties was Merck just this week.

In the case of George Allen, he was not only a former ALEC member when he served Virginia as a state legislator he was also a recipient of ALEC’s “prestigious” Jefferson Freedom Award in 1996.  Allen proudly advertises this on his website in an August 2011 press release along with this picture –

In his acceptance speech Allen stated:


Allen is also an ALEC Jefferson Scholar and in 2006 while serving in Congress Senator Allen was chosen by ALEC to serve as Co-chairman of their new Federal Forum Task Force.

VLTP reported in an in-depth expose last November, “American Legislative Exchange Council – Federal Government and Corrupt Practices”, that Senator Allen was instrumental in advancing ALEC’s agenda directly into the US Congress through the Federal Forum’s initiatives.

As far back as 2002 ALEC Watch listed Allen as an ALEC Alumnus yet of today’s organizations pursuing full exposure of ALEC and transparency to their actions and memberships, VLTP is the only one to identify George Allen’s ALEC connection.  To date few have bothered to look back upon Allen’s legislative record to determine which ALEC model legislation Allen sponsored, supported or introduced.  I would urge those organizations and activists pursuing ALEC nationwide to put some effort into announcing Allen’s ALEC affiliations to Virginia’s voters.

Allen’s opponent in the upcoming election, former Governor Tim Kaine has somehow failed to take full advantage of Allen’s ongoing relationship with an organization now seen as toxic by many Americans in such a tight race.  I believe to continue to not bring Allen’s ALEC involvement to the attention of Virginia’s voters will not only be a disservice to Kaine – it is a disservice to his supporters and the voters of the Great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Please click here to see a video history of George Allen, Candidate for the U.S. Senate.

ALEC-New Partnerships and Exposing Hidden Foreign Influences – with a Comparison to the NCSL

ALEC Finds New Friends

Republican Study Committee (RSC) a Quiet New Partner

Seems ALEC is searching for legislative support through a new partnership as dozens of members – legislative and corporate – abandon membership in the organization.  In the article about this they provide the RSC is meeting with ALEC at the Heritage Foundation next week:

“Frankly, this gathering is long overdue,” Paul Teller, the executive director of the RSC said in a statement.

“As Washington encroaches more and more into state and local spheres, it’s important that conservative legislators at the federal and state levels collaborate on policies to stop and roll back the ever-expanding federal government.”

“Recent legislative proposals on Capitol Hill have focused on rolling back federal involvement in states, such as efforts to replace Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program with block grants and to allow states to opt out of the federal highway and mass transit programs. Those positions are very much in line with ALEC’s efforts to empower states…Kaitlyn Buss, a spokeswoman for ALEC, said in an email that there is “no formal partnership with ALEC and any organizations.”

“Obviously federalism is one of ALEC’s foundational principles, and so facilitating a conversation about federalism is very much in line with our work,” Buss added.”

I would suggest to the RSC that they fully research ALEC and understand the extent of the group’s efforts to “Roll Back” the federal government before ecstatically climbing into bed with them…but of course, since the RSC, ALEC and the Heritage Foundation were all founded by Conservative activist, Paul Weyrich, they’re already well acquainted.

This is why it is important for us to understand just how far ALEC will go to influence state sovereignty by attempting to lessen the controls exerted upon individual states through federal governmental controls and oversight. In the past the Heritage and members of the RSC have quietly lent assistance to ALEC in their pursuits – now it appears they are preparing to remove the curtain obscuring the close troika-like relationship. I think this removes any further claim of ALEC being truly “bi-partisan” in their operation and legislative pursuits.

Before we consider what the impact of a joint RSC/ALEC partnership against federal controls would have upon the U.S., we should first look at current ALEC activities along these lines involving memberships held by foreign representatives. Together ALEC’s state lawmakers work hand in hand with several influential foreign elected officials to establish US state and foreign policies and pass laws suggested by those representing foreign powers…and the claim ALEC makes that their activities are similar to those of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)….not by a long shot More →


While on the Moore County (NC) post looking at the article about The Relationship of Support and Shopping (according to Moore County NC Republicans) I ran across this video that they had posted on thir site.  It was uploaded to YouTube on June 16, 2011 and has received 3,819,533 viewings–that’s 8,432 viewings per day since it was posted on Youube!

This scares the hell out of me, that so many people can watch and believe this crap.  Here’s a significant part of the campaign to dumb-down of America, and please remember 3,819,533 views.  That’s a lot of dumbed-down republicans–as you can also tell by the polls which show that so many republicans believe this manure.

To watch the video on the VLTPVideoChannel, please click here and be amazed at what is said in this video









Learn How Much You and Your Family Would have to Pay under the Romney-Ryan medicare plan

source for this infographic is http://www.americanprogressaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/MedicarePeople_Infographic_web_graphic1.png


I Didn’t Vote For Defense Cuts I Voted For – SAY WHAT? – VIDEO

Whoops.  Soledad O’Brien.  Nora O’Donnell.  Not letting their guests get away with just throwing out some BS from their stump speeches when they don’t have anything else to say–which is obviously far too many times,

Paul Ryan could not stand up to Nora’s questioning and seemed pretty confused about what he voted for and what he voted against.  What’s the matter Mr. Ryan – electile dysfunction?

To watch this entertaining example of foot-in-mouth disease, please click here

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