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ALEC Wins and Defeats in 2012 State Races

“The Center for Media and Democracy reports several ballot measures backed by the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) went down to defeat yesterday. Most notable was in Michigan, where voters overturned the state’s emergency manager law. Known as “financial martial law,” it allowed Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to declare a “financial emergency” in a city or […]

New boss, same as the old boss – ALEC News from UTAH

From the Salt Lake Tribune… “State Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, was selected by his fellow Republicans Thursday to be the new president of the Utah Senate. He replaces outgoing Sen. Michael Waddoups, who did not seek re-election to the Legislature this year. Other than the name, though, it seems that there will be little change in […]

Towards a Resilient Global Economy

If I had to pick a single word to describe the global economy today, it would be fragile.  Policy makers and business leaders have actively built a system that destroys the environment in order to produce profits in the short term — by distributing goods and services across a global supply chain that is designed […]

UAW, SEIU PFAW and Other Org’s File Charges Against Romney for Violating Federal Ethics in Government law

From Nation of Change, by Greg Palast United Auto Worker’s President, Bob King announced today that his Union and a consortium of other organizations that include the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), People for the American Way, SEIU, Public Campaign and the Social Equity Group has initiated and brought formal charges against […]

Corporate Control of Candidates & Elections – Topics, Contributions, Candidates and ALEC

It’s called “Corporatocracy” and as I’ve written for more than two years now, it is alive, well and on the rise.  Corporate involvement in government controls, regulations and programs has become dominant over the past two decades – and in the past four years it has increased exponentially following the election of America’s first African-American […]

US sues Bank of America for $1bn over ‘hustle’ mortgage fraud scheme

Civil suit accuses bank of selling dodgy mortgages to government-controlled financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bank of America defrauded the US government in a scheme called “the hustle”, federal prosecutors alleged on Wednesday as they sued the bank $1bn in compensation. The justice department filed a civil complaint in New York seeking recompense for […]

Koch Brothers Produce Counterfeit Climate Report to Deceive Congress

The octopus has a remarkable ability–it can blend seamlessly with its surroundings, changing its appearance to mimic plants, rocks or even other animals. Similarly deceptive is an upcoming junk study from a Koch-funded think tank that has taken on the format and appearance of a truly scientific report from the US Government, but is loaded […]

Ohio Bleeding

Paula Garfield is a 30-year veteran teacher of special education for Columbus city schools.  She was recently elected as an Ohio Education Association Delegate, and received the Columbus Education Association’s Outstanding Member of the Year award.  She was highly involved with We Are Ohio, and is a guest speaker for Ohio Women’s Democratic Caucus, War on […]

What the #&%! Is CMD Thinking?

Dear Center for Media and Democracy, Are you out of your #&%! minds, or do you just want to throw some red meat to the radical right?  I refer directly to your article: We’ve got a few bones to pick with you re this… First, just what “industrialized nations would expect a presidential candidate to indicate […]

The Radical Right Roadmap – Paul Weyrich and his disciple, Eric Heubeck

To many of our readers, what you are about to read will put into words events and actions that you have watched unfold, but may not have connected all the dots to see the larger picture of what has happened—how it was planned and executed. In a now out-of-print article from the (liberal leaning) American […]