Voters Legislative Transparency Project Presents First 2013 “Transparency Award”

Voters Legislative Transparency Project Presents First 2013 “Transparency Award”

On March 19th VLTP issued the organization’s first ever Transparency Award to Nevada Assembly Speaker, Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D-Clark Co.).  This award was presented to Speaker Kirkpatrick by one of VLTP’s Nevada members last week. These awards are reserved for individuals who help make proposed or existing legislation transparent to their constituents.  Speaker Kirkpatrick has questioned […]

Casinos & Prison Labor – Strange Bedfellows

Casinos & Prison Labor – Strange Bedfellows

By Bob Sloan On Tuesday March 19th, the Nevada Board of Prison Commissioners (BPC) met in Carson City to discuss an assortment of prison related issues.  Members of the BPC are: Governor Brian Sandoval, Attorney General, Catherine Cortez-Masto and Secretary of State, Ross Miller. Issues of: (a) realignment of state Parole and Probation responsibilities with […]

Will Your Job Be Reshored To A Federal Prisoner?

By Justin Rohrlich Mar 12, 2013 1:21 pm From Minyanville… “The good news for the jobless? US industry is now in the throes of a “reshoring” trend… “The bad news? The Bureau of Prisons is angling to have as many reshored jobs as possible filled by federal prisoners.” Journalist Justin Rohrlich and VLTP Executive Director, Bob Sloan […]

Nevada Ways and Means Committee Weighs in on Prison Industry Battle

The Result of Bureaucrats’ Operating as Businessmen By VLTP Executive Director, Bob Sloan In the continuing saga of Nevada’s Silver State Industries (SSI), the Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee held a hearing this past Friday, March 8th to discuss the budget of the Nevada DOC which includes state prison industry operations. Critics of the industry […]

What Happens in Vegas… Could Get You 10 Years to Life

Unpacking the proposed Nevada sex trafficking legislation (Part 1) Why is a 39-page bill that criminalizes a whole lot of normal people being sold as a way to save the child sex slaves? Well, saving the (white female) child sex slaves has proven to be a powerful narrative. After all, who is actually for sex […]

GOP Lawmakers Harass Michigan’s Seasonal Workers

What do Michigan House Representatives Peter Pettalia (R-106), Bob Genetski (R-80), Ray Franz (R-101) and Joel Johnson (R-97) have against Michigan farmers? Hint: It’s something about their employees….(seasonal workers). All four of these lawmakers represent out-state districts, and while it’s easy to assume that farming is a strictly rural endeavor, densely populated Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, Monroe […]

Michigan Firefighters Under Attack

FLINT FIREFIGHTERS JUST CAN’T CATCH A BREAK One could say the name Flint, Michigan is apt when it comes to sparking fires — real and political. The city has suffered a rash of troubling arsons over the past few years, some of which have been partially resolved with the arrest and plea deal of a gang […]

Documents Released on RTW Protest in Michigan

Questions where asked when Michigan State Police unleashed two platoons of troopers last December to take drastic measures, including arresting and spraying protesters and locking down the Capitol building for 4 1/2 hours during the contentious Right-to-Work debate. Some of them have been partially answered this week, but the explanation is a weak one at best. As reported by […]

NDOC & Silver State Industries – Meet the Exploiters – Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Pt. II

Second in a Three Part Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Displacing Workers (Reposted from January 11th) By Bob Sloan – Prison Industry Consultant Working on the “Chain-Gang” was how prisoners were punished for their crimes in days gone by – and people who had been victims of crime were happy. Then we became “civilized” […]

Las Vegas: Prison Labor Used to Beat the Odds

Part one of a three part Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada and Beyond (Reposted from January 11th) By Bob Sloan – Prison Industry Consultant Thousands of tourists, businessmen, CEO’s and executives from all over the world mix with citizens of Nevada in the luxury and splendor of Las Vegas’ many hotels and casinos.  Most […]