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Pearson, ALEC, and the Brave New (Corporate) World: Stand Up to Pearson Now! (Publisher’s Note: We have revised our Boycott Pearson information for clarity and in order to add additional research – please use this version, posted April 29, 2012, when sharing.)   Supporters of Public Education, The curtain has been pulled aside recently from […]

Lawmakers Lambaste Money-Losing Prison Industries Program

Lawmakers Lambaste Money-Losing Prison Industries Program

We have been posting about an investigation into prison labor violations in Nevada.  Three posts by VLTP Executive Director Bob Sloan, which you can access here, here, and here.  After exposing this to the entire Nevada State Legislature, Governor Sandoval (R), AG Masto (D), and Union leaders, and aided by an interview on the Dana Gentry […]

Conservative lobby group behind push to lower minimum wage

Politicians backed by conservative group Alec have introduced 67 laws in 25 states aimed at reducing minimum wage levels Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images The conservative lobbying group Alec has been behind a major push against the pay rates of low-wage American workers by sponsoring or supporting scores of new laws aimed at weakening their protections, […]

Michigan Firefighters Under Attack

FLINT FIREFIGHTERS JUST CAN’T CATCH A BREAK One could say the name Flint, Michigan is apt when it comes to sparking fires — real and political. The city has suffered a rash of troubling arsons over the past few years, some of which have been partially resolved with the arrest and plea deal of a gang […]

Michigan House Reintroduces Education Achievement Authority Bill

Michigan House Reintroduces Education Achievement Authority Bill

After failing to pass HB 6004 last year, Rep. Lisa Posthumus-Lyons is at it again sponsoring HB 4369. The impetus behind the legislation is to codify into Michigan Compiled Law the Education Achievement Authority. In addition to the state seizure of local control of financially struggling schools, it suspends collective bargaining in the bottom 5 percent of […]

Documents Released on RTW Protest in Michigan

Questions where asked when Michigan State Police unleashed two platoons of troopers last December to take drastic measures, including arresting and spraying protesters and locking down the Capitol building for 4 1/2 hours during the contentious Right-to-Work debate. Some of them have been partially answered this week, but the explanation is a weak one at best. As reported by […]

NDOC & Silver State Industries – Meet the Exploiters – Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Pt. II

Second in a Three Part Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Displacing Workers (Reposted from January 11th) By Bob Sloan – Prison Industry Consultant Working on the “Chain-Gang” was how prisoners were punished for their crimes in days gone by – and people who had been victims of crime were happy. Then we became “civilized” […]

Michigan GOP Lawmakers Get Out-smarted on RTW

With the union-busting intentions of Michigan’s Right-to-Work law poised to take effect on March 27th, faculty members at various universities are quietly contemplating (and certainly already negotiating) extensions of their current contracts. Existing contracts are exempt from the deleterious effects of RTW, so organized labor views this as an opportunity to stave-off the retrograde law while they work on various legal and legislative […]

Bills filed as NC legislature begins in earnest

A look at some of the bills filed at the North Carolina General Assembly on Wednesday, the first work day for the 2013 session: — House and Senate Republicans filed bills identical bills that would block the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and leave it to the federal government to build the […]

Republicans Applaud the Slow Death of the US Postal Service–VIDEO

“The USPS announced that it will end mail delivery on Saturdays this year.  Republicans in Congress have been waiting for this moment.  Ed Schultz talks to Rep. Gerry Connelly, D-VA, and letter carrier Audrey Himes about what can be done to save the postal service.” This is the description of a segment on The Ed […]