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Open Letter to Michigan Governor Snyder

Dear Mr. Snyder, How dare you? I watched your press conference after the signing of Right to Work for Less legislation the other day. How dare you stand before the cameras and tell such bold faced lies? How dare you claim to be a friend of labor unions? How dare you claim to be pro-worker? […]

The Truth About “Right-To-Work” – Video

New information from EPI shows that despite claims from Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels that “right-to-work” created jobs in his state, the state is actually losing jobs to neighboring states that don’t have those laws.  Ed Schultz has the details. Please click here to watch this video from the Ed Show, 12/16/12. originally posted at The […]

THE GIANT VS. THE MIDGETS – Rep. Hank Johnson, Congressional Record, 12.12.12

Congressional Record 112th Congress (2011-2012) “Then you have the commercial committee, let’s call it, of ALEC. They produce legislation such as crush-the-union legislation, also misnamed right-to-work legislation. It is not right-to-work, it is crush-the-union.” “So the bill, or the bills, that have been passed out of the Michigan assembly in both their house and senate […]

Michigan “Right-To-Work” Law Passes – Video

Michigan’s right-to-work law passes, thanks to right-wing organizations like Americans for Prosperity and ALEC.  Reporter, Andy Kroll, joins Ed Schultz to help expose the dark money and shadow government, and strength of the right wing in state government. Please click here to watch this video.  Finally, some TV exposure of ALEC and the Koch Brothers […]

Privatizing Government Services in the Era of ALEC and The Great Recession – Section 1, Introduction

PRIVATIZING GOVERNMENT SERVICES IN THE ERA OF ALEC AND THE GREAT RECESSION by Ellen Dannin 1 I. INTRODUCTION In Max Barry’s 2003 novel, Jennifer Government,2 there is no public sector:  The world is run by American corporations; there are no taxes; employees take the last names of the companies they work for; the Police and […]

Detroit Free Press Snyder Endorsement Actually Predicted How He Would Screw Michigan

That ill-advised Snyder endorsement contained a hidden gem….one the Detroit Free Press hopes readers won’t revisit. It’s not often that a major metropolitan newspaper editorial board makes the news over an opinion piece, but that’s just what happened this past week as the Detroit Free Press backed-out of Governor Snyder’s camp like it was suddenly a circulation-killing leper colony. Their “opinion” diatribe displayed a […]

Breaking Now–Hundreds of protesters arrive at Michigan Capitol; inside crowd chants ‘this is our house’

LANSING — Demonstrators were massing at the Capitol before dawn this morning as Lansing braced for what was expected to be one of the largest — if not the largest — demonstration in state capital history against right-to-work legislation expected to pass the state House today. Protesters carried signs with messages such as “Snyder, veto […]

Obama slams Michigan bill as ‘right to work for less money’ – Article and Videos

At a Daimler AG plant in Redford, Michigan Monday, President Obama slammed the controversial “right-to-work” legislation expected to be signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder this week, saying the proposed law has ”nothing to do with economics” and “everything to do with politics.” “What they’re really talking about,” Obama added, “is giving you the […]


Ed. note:  This is a study was published by the University of Toledo Law Review.  It was written by Ellen Dannin, who is the Fannie Weiss Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law at Penn State Dickinson School of Law.  The study is 29 pages in length and I will encourage everyone to read it […]