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The (F)Law of the Land — Why RTW Laws are Bad for State Economies

Michigan leaders, like moths, are mindlessly being drawn to the destructive Right-to-work flame, soon making them the 24th state to enact a bad law which every qualified economist who has seriously studied the subject finds to be destructive to a state’s economy and workforce, while being little more than a short-term political lever at best. The state will join the ranks of: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, […]

Michigan Lawmakers Offer Bunga Bunga Bill

Remember that old joke: Death or Bunga Bunga — in which a captive is asked by a tribal leader if he prefers death or bunga-bunga (group rape)? The captive bravely replies “death”, and the leader says “okay, but first…bunga bunga!” Michigan lawmakers are the tribe, with Snyder as their leader, and SB 865 is their […]

ALEC’s Fiscal Policies Get a Failing Grade in Major Analysis

Five years ago — at the height of the disastrous Bush-era fiscal policy of spend-and-spend on war-after-war, as our nation teetered on the event horizon of the housing bubble black hole, when the media was distracted with the business of scaring people shitless about dying a hideous lonely death from the bird flu — along came Arthur Laffer and ALEC with theirRich States, […]

Poor management, not union intransigence, killed Hostess

The company had done almost nothing in the last 10 years to modernize or expand its offerings. Hostess first entered bankruptcy in 2004, when it was known as Interstate Bakeries. During its five years in Chapter 11, the firm obtained concessions from its unions worth $110 million a year. The unions accepted layoffs that brought […]

Michigan Governor Poised to Ignore the Will of Voters and Enact a New Emergency Manager Law

Governor Snyder and Republican lawmakers are working on the details of their new Emergency Manager law to replace the one Michigan voters repealed earlier this month. The draft legislation looks and smells just like Public Act 4, but contains a little window-dressing to make it seem less dictator-ish. Stand Up for Democracy is lobbying vigorously […]

Michigan Public Sector Unions — Live Long and Prosper, ALEC…not so much…

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy (ALEC’s cloaked Michigan contingent) has activated a top officer — Lt. Jack McHugh, 1970’s eye-wear model, doppelganger of Star Trek’s Lt. Barclay and Tea Party union-crushing machine. Steely-eyed, he’s detemined to save corporate billionaire tycoons from all those greedy working-class people and taxes of any kind. Vulcan-like in demeanor, he hides his quiet rage. Although positively apoplectic, it rarely shows behind his mask of benign doltery — […]

Obama Education Policy – RACE, RACE, RACE

While I support President Obama, I will state clearly that his education policies are terrible.  Mainly – Race to the Top.  And I have absolutely no faith in his appointed Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. What is Race to the Top? Race to the Top, abbreviated R2T, RTTT or RTT, is a $4.35 billion United States Department of Education contest […]

Michigan Lawmakers Work to Re-animate Emergency Manager Monster

Governor Snyder has made no secret of his intent to legislate his way around the repeal of Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law. In last week’s post-(mortem)-election press conference he sat po-faced claiming the voters “were confused” when they suspended the law, and he was clearly scheming to once again do away with democratic home-rule in Michigan for the sake […]

ALEC Wins and Defeats in 2012 State Races

“The Center for Media and Democracy reports several ballot measures backed by the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) went down to defeat yesterday. Most notable was in Michigan, where voters overturned the state’s emergency manager law. Known as “financial martial law,” it allowed Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to declare a “financial emergency” in a city or […]

The Democratic Process in Michigan gets Astroturfed

I know astroturf when I see it…and I’ve seen plenty of it as a campaign manager and political activist. In my Michigan community alone we’ve endured multiple corporate money backed campaigns billed as “grassroots” that turned-out to be elaborate corporate schemes. It’s easy to spot a sham. So, my nose for these things was tweaked by a […]