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Right to Work — The Domino Effect

images[9]Lawmakers in states that formerly lacked the political will to openly bust unions with Right to Work laws are now lining-up like dominoes, emboldened by the Michigan lame duck legislative feeding frenzy that puked-up, among 300 hastily passed laws, a RTW bill that the spineless flip-flopping governor meekly signed into law, after saying he had no interest in that agenda.

A few days ago, Wisconsin threatened a new RTW push, citing Michigan as inspiration, and now Keystone State Rep. Jim Cox (R-ALEC) is sponsoring a package of bills that will push his Pennsylvania workers over that cliff. Americans for Prosperity is prepared to throw their full weight behind this, making the claim that RTW states have fared better in this economy — a fantasy assertion that is not borne out in reality. More →

Michigan County Blocks Planned Parenthood Funding

imagesCAB5QT1QMississippi step aside — Michigan’s got this one.

The mitten has managed to nose-out all other states through its retrograde policies and a burgeoning 1950’s style barefoot-n-pregnant legislative initiative. Lawmakers in Lansing have been cooking-up this assault on women’s reproductive rights through a two-year barrage of increasingly misogynistic bills, culminating in what is touted as the most anti-reproductive rights piece of legislation in the nation. (Mind you, this is the state where male lawmakers sanctioned a female colleague for using the word “vagina” on the House floor. Just what word would they prefer?)

Michigan conservatives have at least one aspect of “trickle down” theory right –Lansing has now inspired similar attacks on women’s healthcare at the local level. More →

Dick Armey Dishes On FreedomWorks’ Deals With Beck & Limbaugh

Former chairman says group wasted money paying Beck $1 million last year for fundraising

“…Armey said he was told of the Beck arrangement when it first began, but that it would only cost the organization about $250,000 a year. “Once that was approved by the trustees, it then took on a life of its own, it got bigger than we understood it to be. All of a sudden it was we are paying Limbaugh as well as Beck.” FreedomWorks did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

“Beck has been reading on-air appeals for FreedomWorks since at least April 2010. In June of that year, Media Matters reported that the organization was using Beck’s endorsement to raise money. Politico highlighted the relationship as an example of a conservative group “paying hefty sponsorship fees to the popular talk show hosts” in exchange for “regular on-air plugs.” The FreedomWorks document leaked to Mother Jones states that their fundraising relationship with Limbaugh began in 2012….”

“…Armey also said the relationship with Beck expanded to include rallies that were co-sponsored by Beck and FreedomWorks, and included appearances by FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe.

“…Armey said he objected to these events, dubbed FreePACs, because they often charged admission to FreedomWorks activists.

”  review of promotional information for the events found $20 was a standard donation requested at some of the locations, while a Dallas, TX, FreePAC last summer charged prices as high as $971.”

To read this entire article at Media Matters–and there’s a lot more to read, please click hereThey also provide a link to see the FreedomWorks Dec. 2012 Board Of Directors Meeting Documents, which you should review.