Members of the grassroots Voter’s Legislative Transparency Project (VLTP) have been working for several years now to bring you information regarding the interference in our government by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Research provided by VLTP’s researchers created the atmosphere for ALEC dissidents to have “dumped” the public information now available on sites such as ALECexposed.

Our activities to date have been completely funded out of pocket. To allow us to continue our efforts to expose ALEC and educate the citizens of the United States about the extent of ALEC’s influence in our government could you please donate whatever your own situation will allow to support our cause?

These funds will be used to help us further our research efforts; stage demonstrations and protests at ALEC meetings and conferences; to provide written material about ALEC to small groups of activists; support our web site; and other related things to support this effort.

Our researchers will remain volunteers and are not paid or compensated for their time and effort in this endeavor. Please try to contribute to our efforts.

Thanking you very much, in solidarity,
Voters Legislative Transparency Project

To donate non-monetary resources or for information about methods of payment other than paypal, please email