Instead of deafening roars of anger … silence on black vote


“I don’t sense that African-Americans are truly aware of what is in the process of happening or could happen to them,” says Rep. John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia. “People should be angry. There should be a sense of righteous indignation. African-Americans and people of good will, Latinos and young people, should be saying, ‘How dare you? The gall of you!’”

Voter ID laws add fresh insult to standing injury. And let no one be fooled by GOP claims that this is not political.

So where are we in all this? Silent, that’s where.
This is systemic injustice.  And yet …Silence.

From the barber shops, silence.
From the beauty parlors, silence.
From the pulpits, silence.

In the face of a naked attempt to steal not just an election, but a right that was purchased for us at a cost of bones and blood, silence. It’s happening now, right under our noses.

“And we’re too quiet,” says Lewis. “We’re just too quiet.”

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And please be sure to register to vote and then vote on November 6.  You can’t complain about racial injustice in our laws if you don’t do something to fight this.