IRS to investigate VLTP Whistleblower Complaint re ALEC

Good news – the IRS has accepted the ALEC IRS claim for an award that we filed back in August.  They assigned a master claim number to the case, 2013-000818 and under that two other claim numbers are provided; 2013-000820 and 2013-000821.

The letter advises that as soon as they determine whether or not to open a full investigation based upon our information they will advise and that any award made will only come after possibly years of investigation and negotiations with the delinquent or tax avoiding party/parties.  The reason given is initial determinations and subsequent appeals that may cause a lengthening of any recovery–like we did this for any award.  We did this to end ALEC’s abuse of their tax exempt 501(c)3 status.

They indicate that if any additional information is available or we wish to forward such along to them for inclusion in the case evaluation we should send along to the assigned IRS rep.  If any of you have data, documents of specific info you believe would strengthen the VLTP case, please send it along to Bob Sloan or me, and we will forward it to the Whistleblower’s office.