McCrory Appoints Art Pope To Head Budget

Here is something of critical importance to North Carolina immediately.

First, excerpts from the article/broadcast at WFAE, the NPR station in Charlotte, NC.  Then, my personal commentary. ‘At a press conference ,,,Governor-elect Pat McCrory appointed …conservative activist Art Pope to be his deputy budget director–the governor’s top aide on budget issues. Pope … is a director of the Americans for Prosperity Super PAC, and he contributes millions to conservative causes and candidates through the John W. Pope Foundation, which he also runs… …”Bob Phillips, the North Carolina director of Common Cause, a non-partisan campaign watchdog organization…”Are folks going to be able to do their job serving their constituents and properly scrutinizing the budget?”… Phillips says he is not opposed to Pope’s new role…” ‘

Now for my comments on this development. First, sorry for the tight editing of the article, but when you check out the entire article at the link provided below, you will see that I have taken the essence of the article faithfully. Art Pope is sometimes referred to as Koch, Jr.  He has been a member of ALEC in the past, but I cannot state if he is a legacy member or not.

It’s just dandy that he is a funder of the Tea Party through his association with Americans for Prosperity, but here are some other names that readers of are familiar with:

Charles Koch, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, David Koch, David Koch Charitable Foundation, Harry and Lynde Bradley Foundation, Claude R. Lamb Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Institute for Humane Studies, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Sheldon Adelson, George Mason University, Mercatus Center, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute…Much of this is at the heart of The Cabal.

And this is a man we should not oppose?  I think not. And considering Common Cause is active in exposing ALEC and has filed a Whistleblower Complaint with the IRS, just what is Bob Phillips thinking?

Here are a number of links for you to check out:   This is the article that first reported on this travesthy, from Public Radio WFAE in Charlotte.  The above excerpts are from this article.  You should read the entire article and listen to their broadcast of this report.  Art Pope Exposed by Chris Kromm of the Institute for Southern Studies, who have been tracking Art Pope for many years  an interactive chart that takes Pope’s immediate connections and shows where they are connected.  Charles and David Koch, Lynne and Harry Bradley Foundation, Claude R. Lamb Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, DuPont. Scaife, and many more.  Try it, it’s very educational.  An excellent investigative report in the New Yorker that is particularly thorough, STATE FOR SALE, A conservative multimillionaire has taken control in North Carolina, one of 2012’s top battlegrounds.
The Art Pope empire: Media outlets, think tanks and election machines a report from the Center for Responsive Politics

If there is a reason to mobilize right now, it is to oppose the involvement of Art Pope both in Government–the fox in the hen-house–and at UNC.

North Carolinians, this is our battle to fight, because if we don’t fight it, who will.  Talk about leaving a legacy for future generations…