Michigan Governor Poised to Ignore the Will of Voters and Enact a New Emergency Manager Law

Governor Snyder and Republican lawmakers are working on the details of their new Emergency Manager law to replace the one Michigan voters repealed earlier this month. The draft legislation looks and smells just like Public Act 4, but contains a little window-dressing to make it seem less dictator-ish.

Stand Up for Democracy is lobbying vigorously for the governor and legislature to respect the will of the people and not pass another Emergency Manager law during the upcoming lameduck session (starts on Nov. 27th and runs one to three weeks).

There was a press conference held on Nov. 21 in Detroit in which a coalition made up of Stand Up for Democracy, AFSCME, Michigan Forward and representatives from multiple faith, labor and civic communitities discussed key alternatives to Emergency Managers and Chapter 9 bankruptcy. You’ll find some of those alternatives listed in a Michigan Public Radio interview from earlier this year.

There will be another press conference and Lobby Day on November 28th at 11 a.m. in Lansing, at the Central United Methodist Church, located across from the capitol building, 215 North Capitol Ave. (corner of Allegan and Capitol), Lansing, MI 48933

The purpose of the second event will be for a citizens’ lobby of their state Representatives and Senators to remind them that it is their job to represent the will of their voters. Specific districts have been targeted where the vote to repeal was over 55%, including house districts 58, 83, 84, 85, 93, 97, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, and 110. Many of these districts are located in traditionally conservative Northern Michigan where a vigorous petition drive and campaign to repeal PA-4 was reflected in the November 6th vote. The Emergency Manager law was repealed by substantial margins in all of these districts — ranging up to 80 percent, yet their elected officials appear to be in lockstep with the governor and state treasurer in their determination to ignore the will of their constituents.

It wasn’t just Northern Michigan that said “NO” to Emergency Managers, of the state’s  83 counties, only 7 voted to keep the law.

A letter writing, email and phone campaign to these districts will be part of the push to protect democracy. Michiganders are encouraged to contact their lawmakers as soon as possible.

Stand up for your vote, stand up for Michigan, Stand Up for Democracy.

Amy Kerr Hardin of Democracy Tree blog