Michigan Lawmakers Attack Women’s Healthcare Rights

Anyone remember two years ago when some Michigan Republican Senators attempted to pass a bill, SB-612, that would have prevented women from receiving insurance coverage for an elective abortion if they didn’t purchase a special rider policy? Well, House Republicans are at it again — but with a fresh new twist!

Representatives Price, Victory, Lauwers, Rendon, and Potvin this afternoon introduced a bill, HB-4597, that would make it illegal for healthcare providers to be reimbursed for elective abortions under general insurance policies — the law would require a special rider policy from the patient. The proposed law reads:

“A licensee or registrant shall not seek or accept reimbursement from a qualified health plan; an expense incurred hospital, medical, or surgical policy or certificate; a health maintenance organization group or individual contract; or a healthcare corporation group or nongroup certitifcate for any services provided that are directly related to the performance of an elective abortion unless the reimbursement sought or accepted is from an addition rider…”

Basically, what this says is: while women are not technically being required to carry additional abortion coverage, healthcare providers cannot be reimbursed without a special rider. The bill is tie-barred to HB-4065 and HB-4066, both designed to prohibit abortion coverage under The Affordable Care Act  — “Obamacare”. A tie-bar is a legislative device that makes the passage of connected bills a necessary condition for their enactment — if one fails, they all go down.

Michigan, the misogyny state.

Amy Kerr Hardin from Democracy Tree