About VLTP

VLTP was founded in 2011 by a core group of individuals dedicated to making the crafting, proposal and enactment of laws transparent.

Many of VLTP‘s members have been researching, writing and blogging about the activities of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) involving their writing and dissemination of free market, pro-corporate, ultra-conservative legislation.  Our efforts began with individual blogs at the Daily Kos until many came together to collectively research, report and write about ALEC.

Directors and members of VLTP have worked to fully expose ALEC‘s model legislation, membership and the interference of both with our state and national democratic processes.

Individually and as members of various groups VLTP members and Directors have written, blogged and published articles about ALEC and their activities since 2009. Several of the founding members participated in the ALEC Exposed project published jointly between the Nation Magazine and the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) in July 2011. This project and the journalists involved received the prestigious September 2011 Sidney Foundation Award for outstanding piece of socially-conscious journalism.

VLTP maintains this web site and two pages on Facebook–Voters Legislative Transparency Project and also Resist the Privatization of America.  VLTP also maintains the VLTPVideoChannel on YouTube.

VLTP helps those interested in organizing teach-ins and other means of educating the public about ALEC and the radical right wing Cabal.

VLTP is a 501(c)3 grassroots organization.  We take no salaries for our work, and all donations we receive are used to further our research.

VLTP’s goals are to:

1.  Expose those involved in lobbying and advancing legislation written by lobbyists and special interest groups – especially when such legislation is written by or on behalf of corporate interests.
2.  Fight the creation of laws that benefit corporations instead of people.
3.  Identify and inform the public about ALEC – worldwide; their legislative members and their corporate members.  Their funders and their associations with other radical right wing organizations, many of which are funded by the Koch brothers.
4.  Inform the public about ALEC legislation and how these laws have affected the public.
5.  Work with any and all groups working to achieve similar goals.
VLTP has filed a whistleblower complaint with the IRS challenging ALEC’s tax-exempt status.  In fact, of several such complaints which ahve been filed, the VLTP filing was given the Master Number by the IRS.

Proudly, 4 of the 5 investigators that ALEC warned their State Chairs about are contributors and members of VLTP.