There is no such a thing as a stupid question?

I’ve always said there is no such thing as a stupid question.  There are only stupid people who have a question and don’t ask. I stand disturbingly corrected.  Apparently if you get enough information from such as the Heartland Institute and other climate change deniers like members of Congress and their state legislatures, and do […]

Documents Released on RTW Protest in Michigan

Questions where asked when Michigan State Police unleashed two platoons of troopers last December to take drastic measures, including arresting and spraying protesters and locking down the Capitol building for 4 1/2 hours during the contentious Right-to-Work debate. Some of them have been partially answered this week, but the explanation is a weak one at best. As reported by […]

ALEC and the Tories: A History (Part 1) – ALEC in Great Britain

ALEC and the Tories: A History (Part 1) – ALEC in Great Britain

In my previous article I introduced the European members of ALEC the majority of whom come from the British Conservative Party, the ‘Tories‘ (from the Irish which roughly translates to ‘thieving bastards’). This link between US and UK right wing lobbyists actually stretches back decades and indeed some groups in the US only exist to […]

NDOC & Silver State Industries – Meet the Exploiters – Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Pt. II

Second in a Three Part Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada Displacing Workers (Reposted from January 11th) By Bob Sloan – Prison Industry Consultant Working on the “Chain-Gang” was how prisoners were punished for their crimes in days gone by – and people who had been victims of crime were happy. Then we became “civilized” […]

Las Vegas: Prison Labor Used to Beat the Odds

Part one of a three part Expose on Prison Labor in Nevada and Beyond (Reposted from January 11th) By Bob Sloan – Prison Industry Consultant Thousands of tourists, businessmen, CEO’s and executives from all over the world mix with citizens of Nevada in the luxury and splendor of Las Vegas’ many hotels and casinos.  Most […]

Michigan — The New North Korea

As the state of Michigan starves its metropolitan areas of revenue sharing while lavishing corporations with $1.7 billion in tax cuts that are not tethered to any job creation requirements, the lights in Michigan are literally going out. In 2011, just outside of Detroit, the city of Highland Park had their street lights removed by DTE under a program […]

Prison Labor Continues to Jeopardize Small Businesses and Jobs – Nevada Latest Battleground

I’ve written several articles about the rampant and dismaying practice of state prison industries using prisoners as a labor force for private manufacturers.  Recently this battle has centered in Nevada – a state with slow recovery and an unemployment rate hovering at 10%.  Those supporting the practice of offering companies a labor pool comprised of […]

Destroying Access to Local Democracy

Most of you will have no idea what I am writing about – because you are fortunate to have more than just basic cable, and were born after the advent of cable TV. Many of you – might not know or care – but you should –  if you claim to care about the democratic […]

Michigan Judicial Races Draw $14 Million in Dark Money

Rich Robinson, of the watchdog group Michigan Campaign Finance Network, is reporting that in the 2012 election, Michigan judicial races were by and large bought and paid for by shadowy third party issue ads. Robinson finds that “Just 25% of $18.6M spent was reported to the State”. That’s $14 million in dark money. His concern is that, not only […]

ALEC/CSG Sham Chemical Disclosure Model Tucked Into Illinois Fracking Bill

Illinois is the next state on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)‘s target list for putting the oil industry’s interests ahead of the public interest. 98 percent funded by multinational corporations, ALEC is described by its critics as a “corporate bill mill” and a lobbyist-legislator dating service. It brings together corporate lobbyists and right wing politicians to […]