US Postal Service and the War on Workers

Hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake in the Republicans assault on the US Postal Service and the postal workers. The Senate took up a bill to postpone the cuts, but it’s a temporary measure. Big Eddie thinks the Democrats should take a page out of Michele Bachmann’s book to combat this one. To […]

U.S. Postmaster General responds to claims that he is overpaid

The United States Postmaster General is standing by his salary, despite ongoing hardships for the U.S. Postal Service. U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) has criticized the Postmaster for accepting an $800,000 compensation package while many rural post offices face closure. The Postmaster was in Helena recently to talk about the agency’s budget and addressed the […]

Georgia lawmaker quits ALEC, calls it ‘radical’ group with ‘dangerous agenda’

From Raw Story… “A state senator from Georgia, Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) has left the American Legislative Exchange Council, the controversial legislative organization better known as ALEC.  In a statement to the citizens’ action group Better Georgia, Orrock denounced the group, calling it “radical,” “dangerous” and accused it of “impeding democracy”.” Continue reading Sen Orrock’s story >>> here…

ALEC — Announces the End of the Public Safety and Elections Task Force – No Sighs of Relief Just Yet…

Under intense pressure from activists and organizations including VLTP and the Center for Media and Democracy, ALEC begins to crack internally as the shadowy organization has been drug into the light of day – with great difficulty.  Over the past few days twelve top corporate members/sponsors fled ALEC in haste as their brands became synonymous […]

ColorOfChange Applauds Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Decision to End its Membership in ALEC

Reed Elsevier, American Traffic Solutions and Arizona Public Service have also cut ties with right-wing groups in recent days April 17, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Timothy K. Rusch New York, NY – The following is a statement from Executive Director Rashad Robinson: “This week I spoke with an executive at Blue Cross […]

ALEC, INTUIT & Reverse Mortgages – A Primer on Corporate Exploitation of Americans

It isn’t often with ALEC that one can actually see firsthand the entire procedure from creation through outcome of an initiative advanced by this “charity” through manipulation of state and federal legislation.  Usually when we buy a happy meal at McDonalds, or a two liter of Coke or Pepsi, use TurboTax to prepare our income […]


Written by VLTP’s OhioDem1   Here are two excerpts: 1.  “The goal of Voucher systems is to put public education on a death spiral, because each year it is intended to take marginal revenue from the public school systems…Each year the cycle is renewed, forcing the local school boards to seek greater local property tax support, […]

Koch-Funded GOP Economist Uses New Math To Find That Health Reform Increases The Deficit

By Igor Volsky George W. Bush’s Social Security privatization guru Charles Blahous — who now works for the Koch-funded Mercatus Center — is out with a new report alleging that the Affordable Care Act adds $340 billion to the deficit. The new math relies on the old “double counting” meme — an argument advanced by […]

ALEC’s Tort Reform War On Women

by MNDem999 The ALEC pro-business tort reform legislation is passed out to ALEC members in the ALEC publication. The State Legislator’s Guide: Tort Reform Boot Camp There’s a lot of pro-business tort reform in that publication – too much for one entry  – but today I want to take a couple of the items and […]

Is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Serious Trouble? Look at their website

by Hector Solon Remember this one… This is a website screen shot of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  April 13, 2012. The day they all, the Koch Brothers and their mega-wealthy cabal, greedy CEOs, and hundreds of US and Multinational Corporations which are ALEC Members, a number which is falling rapidly… …got a Wake […]