AT&T Discontinues Funding To Climate-Denier Heartland Institute

By Josh Israel and Brad Johnson on Apr 4, 2012 According to leaked documents, telecommunications giant AT&T gave at least $100,000 to the Heartland Institute — a tax-exempt organization which promotes conspiracy theories about climate scientists, distorts climate science, and attacks regulation of air and water pollution. In a statement to ThinkProgress Green, AT&T says […]

PepsiCo Distances Itself From Another Right-Wing Group: ‘Currently Not A Member’ Of The Heartland Institute

By Brad Johnson on Apr 5, 2012 PepsiCo has now also admitted to being a past funder of the climate-denial think tank Heartland Institute. In a statement to ThinkProgress Green, the $57-billion food and beverages giant indicated that its funding was for Heartland’s efforts against soda and junk food taxes, not for its promotion that […]

ALEC/Koch Cabal Pursuing Privatization of the US Postal Service for UPS and FedEx…

ALEC/Koch Cabal Pursuing Privatization of the US Postal Service for UPS and FedEx…

OpEd by by Bob Sloan © 2012 An event occurred in front of my home on Wednesday of this week that provided an incentive for me to go ahead and publish an article I’d written about the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The event was a strong-arm robbery of a mailman at a house on our […]

Boycotts Hitting Group Behind ‘Stand Your Ground’

by Peter Overby Pushing For Transparency Until recently, ALEC was best known for its volumes of pro-business legislation: bills to weaken labor unions, as in Wisconsin, to privatize government operations and to reduce regulation. But this new anti-ALEC campaign comes at a time when some investors have already been pushing for more transparency on corporate […]

Political Target: The United States Postal Service

From The Ed Show: “It is still amazing that so few people understand this story. Everyone needs to spread the word on this story. The USPS is not directly supported by taxpayers. If not for the law passed by a lame duck Congress in 2006, the Postal Service would not be required to fund 75 […]

PepsiCo Ends Partnership With Right-Wing Front Group ALEC

By Adam Peck on Apr 5, 2012 at 9:30 am       PepsiCo, the world’s second largest beverage company, has ended its partnership with ALEC, the controversial right-wing group that lobbies for voter suppression efforts. Pepsi’s move, which actually came in January but was first reported this morning by NPR, may also have had a […]

BREAKING: Progressive Movement Compels Coca-Cola To Pull Support From ALEC Over Voter Suppression Efforts

By Faiz Shakir on Apr 4, 2012 at 6:20 pm Prompted by a petition campaign by the progressive advocacy group Color of Change, Coca-Cola has pulled its support from ALEC, a right-wing corporate-funded front group which has been pushing voter restriction efforts around the country. The company released this statement moments ago: The Coca-Cola Company […]

Georgia Legislation proudly proclaimed as ALEC Model Bill…

“IFA Applauds Georgia Saying Franchisees Can’t Be Employees” (from Blue MauMau) ATLANTA —The Georgia General Assembly passed a bill that codifies that someone who has signed a franchise contract cannot be an employee… …The legislation is a result of IFA’s ongoing work with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which recently adopted as official policy […]

Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce Face Possible Campaign Donation Disclosure After Ruling

Paul Blumenthal – as posted to VLTP by Donna Brusoski WASHINGTON — On Friday evening, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a ruling that could begin the process of revealing the identities of secret donors to groups connected to Karl Rove and the Koch brothers. The court ruled in Van Hollen […]

Shoot ‘Em Up Charlie Discovers ALEC