Regulations Driving the USPS Out of Existence – Video

we are the USPS“The United States Postal Service doesn’t cost you a dime of taxpayer money, but Republicans are regulating it in a way no other agency or business has ever been regulated.  The USPS doesn’t add to the debt, but is required to fund a retirement account that covers workers who haven’t even been hired yet.  At this point the Postal Service could be out of business by 2014 Ed Schultz explains what’s at stake and why Republicans are going after an American institution.  He’s joined by Rep. Gerald Connolly, D. VA”

Folks (as Ed would say), this is a good summary of what is going on with the privatization efforts aimed at the US Postal Service,and if you click here you can watch this video broadcast from The Ed Show.

But I wonder.  Those of you who have read Bob Sloan’s expose [link]ALEC/Koch Cabal Pursuing Privatization of the US Postal Service for UPS and FedEx… how do we advance the conversation when you watch this video and wonder when Ed is going to talk about ALEC’s involvement in this.  He talks about UPS.  He talks about FedEx.  He talks about the legislation.  Why not talk about who hatched the pan and who wrote the model legislation to make it happen?  Why not talk about the involvement of ALEC. the Koch Brothers, and The Cabal?  This is a Case Study of a well-hatched conspiracy to take over the USPS–from conception, through execution, to apparent completion.

Hillary Clinton was not afraid to talk about the “vast right wing conspiracy“–why is everyone else?  MSNBC will talk about ALEC in spurts, but then they won’t mention it again until it is so prominent in the news that they can’t avoid it.  This was a perfect opportunity for Ed Schultz to note the influence of ALEC and the brothers Koch, and relate what is happening to the USPS to all of the negative news that ALEC has had in the past year.  Explain to viewers how what is happening to the USPS is just part of a plan for corporations to privatize what is profitable in government and leave the rest behind for taxpayers.  I mean, what are we going to do to get mail delivered to unprofitable zip codes–a self-fulfilled prophecy about government deficit spending created by those who don’t dare about paying the bills for what they do.

So come on now people.  Listen to Ed, read or read again the facts presented to you by Bob Sloan, and kick your offense into high gear.  This is your two minute drill.  Score and you survive.  Don’t score and lose the game.  Tell the whole story and put ALEC legislative members on the defensive.  Go after them in their districts.  Paint them with the entire ALEC political agenda and let them explain to their constituents.

You are out among the people every day.  Do some canvasing in these neighborhoods after hours, or on off-duty hours if you can.  Let people know what is going on and what is going to happen to their mail delivery in the hands of a profit-driven corporation. 

Don’t let the Tea Party and the NRA be the only ones out there threatening and then primarying those who oppose their agendas.  It’s past time to take it peacefully to the streets.  That’s where you can win your survival.  That is how you take care of yourselves and your families.  That’s what you can do for the betterment of the American people.

Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Justice--USPS stamps.