Supreme Court to Discuss “Citizens United” Tomorrow in Light of Montana Supreme Court Challenge

The key issue toward restoring our democracy is back before the Supreme Court, who’ll meet behind closed doors on Thursday.

That key issue is of course the “Citizens United” ruling the Court made in January 2010 that gave corporations the same rights as people, brought about Super Pac’s and the gusher of money into the electoral process that is completely corrupting that process in favor of big moneyed corporate, private and special interests.

The “Citizens” ruling is back before the Supreme Court because the Montana Supreme Court earlier this year refused to strike down a one hundred year old state restriction banning corporate money in the states elections. That Montana Court ruling was appealed and thus goes before SCOTUS on Thursday.

The Supremes could write a summary opinion justifying why their “Citizens United” ruling was correct or decide to hear the case in the fall and reconsider their 2010 ruling.

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