The Endgame For ALEC?

In a sense ALEC is merely a middle man in a process that Citizens United streamlines. The 1% component of the vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton spoke of is the ultimate leadership thereof because they bankroll it. In the earlier setting, then, the valuable function that ALEC served is, being brutally honest, really nothing more than a very cumbersome way of sifting through politicians, post election, to identify those with votes for sale. And the cumbersome aspect derives from the fact that, selected this way, not every vote from every politician can be counted on virtually every time. I mean, that was just inherent in a system where the “mating dance” ultimately choregraphed by ALEC was the only means possible to stretch decades old rules designed to prevent exactly what ALEC found a way to do.

…Moving forward, however, the Koch brothers, Adelsons, etc. can just recruit from a sufficiently deep national talent pool that consists of the Karl Rove types, basically assign them as team manager/coaches, provide a direct budget and check in with weekly conference calls to see how the “recruiting” is going. And since basically none of the “players” can take an independent credit for the development of their “politicial” careers, one would certainly posit that the loyalty factor would far exceed even the best case possible in the same “market” under the current “business model”. These folks are already buying election after, but now they can just do it easier, faster, and cheaper.

Please click here to read the entire analysis by long time ALEC investigator “oldpotsmuggler”, and if you can rebut it in any manner, please post your comments.  I think this is one of the more insightful analyses about ALEC I have seen in a long time.

Legislators Solicit Corporate Cash to Attend ALEC Utah Meeting

A letter from a Louisiana state representative asking a corporate representative for money is another example of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) “scholarship” program at work, and how it creates an overly cozy relationship between corporations and legislators that allows for improper influence. The “scholarship” program has allowed corporations to do what lobbying laws in most states prohibit — give legislators expensive gifts of flights through ALEC which can buy increased influence over public policy.

The Louisiana Tri-Parish Times revealed that Republican Rep. Joe Harrison, the ALEC Public Sector State Chair for Louisiana, sent out letters, on state letterhead, asking corporations for $1,000 donations to send “over thirty Louisiana legislators” to the ALEC conference being held July 25-28 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Topics under discussion would be important “to the entire lobbying community” said Harrison and he asked that the funds be sent to his state office.

To read more about ALEC “Scholarships”, please click here

Occupy Winston-Salem protests U.S. Post Office closures

On April 16, local residents and members of Occupy Winston-Salem held a demonstration at the U.S. Post Office in the Waughtown area. Protesters demanded that the only post office in the community not be closed down.

Across the country, hundreds of U.S. post offices are on a closure list, based upon the amount of revenue they generate. For the Waughtown area, which is known to be one of the most diverse, predominantly working class communities in Winston-Salem, the closure of the one and only post office would be a major setback.

To read more about this event, please click here.