2012 election

Virginia Senate committee kills presidential gerrymandering bill


A Virginia Senate committee voted Tuesday to permanently kill a bill that would have aligned the state’s electoral votes with its House districts, a move critics say would have swung the 2012 presidential election for the Republican candidate despite President Barack Obama’s overwhelming victory in the popular vote.

The Virginia Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee voted 11-4 to kill the bill, with four Republicans joining seven Democrats in opposition.

Sponsor Sen. Charles Carrico (R) had offered to amend the bill in such a way that would cause electoral votes to be distributed proportionally in accordance with the state’s popular vote, but it was not enough to keep the bill afloat.

Similar bills are being considered in other swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania following an endorsement of the strategy by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

“I think it’s something that a lot of states that have been consistently blue that are fully controlled red ought to be looking at,” he told a reporter earlier in January.

Even so, three other states that initially took the idea seriously — Florida, Ohio and Michigan — have all dropped their plans to change the rules of their presidential elections.

This post was written by Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story.  You can see the original post at http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/30/virginia-senate-committee-kills-presidential-gerrymandering-bill/

Rep. Lewis speaks out on Voting Rights – VIDEO

A legend of the civil rights movement, Rep. John Lewis, addressed the crowd at the DNC about the crucial issue of voting rights in the 2012 Election.

MSNBC’sAlex Wagner and E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post weigh in.

Please click here to watch this video of great significance.  Why do the same divisive battles which were fought and won before have to now defend themselves against the radical right and an conservatively activist Supreme Court?

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton
September 6, 2012


Jedediah Bila: Women Vote Democratic Because They Want a “Daddy”

When she’s not tweeting nonsense, Jedediah Bila is one of Fox News’ favorite go-to “real feminists are Republicans” spokespersons. And while on “Fox & Friends” discussing why women are lazy, dependent dupes going to yet again vote for Democrats in November for the 142nd straight election, she did what she’s paid to do.

BILA: Well I think historically, if you look back through all the elections throughout time, women have gone Democrat, they do lean Democrat. I think that’s because in a large part the feminist movement has been telling women for a long time that Democrats are their alley [sic], ally, and somehow these big government policies have become their friend. They have sort of exchanged the values of self-sufficiency and autonomy in favor of government dependence. Instead of relying on men, now they’re relying on government to be their big daddy or whatever you want to call it.

Watch the video at the VLTPVideoChannel – http://youtu.be/p-hWCg4XizQ

Gov. Rick Scott Ignores DOJ Demand To End Voter Purge

Gov. Rick Scott (R) plans to ignore a Department of Justice demand that his administration stop purging its voter rolls in violation of federal law.

Janell Ross reports that Scott ordered election officials to continue the purge, even in the face of evidence that a disproportionate amount of names on the list are voters of color. In an initial list of 3000 voters the state suspects are non-citizens, blacks and Latinos were disproportionately represented. Analysis by the Miami Herald found nearly 60 percent of the people on the list to be Latino despite the fact that Latinos constitute just 13 percent of the state’s electorate.

To read more about how Florida has become one more state to ignore the Department of Justice and Federal Law, please click here