Duncan – US Congress – $3,000 ALEC DUES

In an excellent piece of investigative journalism written by Bob Sloan that was released by the Voter Legislative Transparency Project on ALEC memberships/dues you will find this statement:

Kasich, Walker and Brewer are all alumni.  How about Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor? Both are known ALEC “alumni” and with the discovery of the Legacy membership program, one or both could be members while serving in the U.S. Congress.  ALEC’s refusal to release any of their membership lists, forces researchers to spend hours digging out these small bits of evidence – which ALEC will neither deny or provide a “no comment” on.

“one or both could be members while serving in the U.S. Congress.”
or both.
or ALL
YEP – I guess you could assume that ALEC alumni could be active members of the American Legislative Exchange Council while serving in the U.S. Congress.
If you go to the FEC and look up
     Details for Candidate ID : H0SC03077
     Operating Expenditures – DUNCAN, JEFF
     Congressional Representative from South Carolina
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina’s 3rd district -Incumbent. Assumed office January 3, 2011
Date of this Disbursement:  November 18, 2011 – ALEC dues disbursed from his campaign expenditures

Guess we have a lot more investigating that needs to be done on ALEC Alumni.

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Republicans Want ALEC Gone?

I read all about this in becauseican, where 2old2care posted about this.  Nobody can dig like 2old2care, who is one of my favorite bloggers.

What 2old2care found is a gem.  But instead of posting the becauseican blog here directly, as we often do, this time I’m going to take a screen shot of what 2 old2care is writing about.
3.  Run, not walk from people like the Koch Brothers, The American Legislative Exchange council, Donald Trump., etc

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ALEC Scholarships – “In Trust” for Lobbyists?

Let me tell you a little ALEC tale from Kansas.
Ronald R. Hein has been President of Hein Law Firm, Chartered since 1988. Hein Law Firm, Chartered represents numerous clients, and the firm practices exclusively in the area of lobbying and governmental affairs. Ron has been lobbying since 1984.
He served in the Kansas State Senate from 1977-1984,
He serves as Kansas Private Sector Co-Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Kansas.
From ALEC documents:
1992  Private Sector State Chairs
Mr. Ron Hein
Hein, Ebert, Weir
Ms. Julie Hein
Hein, Ebert, Weir
1993 Annual Meeting
KANSAS ALEC Private Enterprise State Chairs
Mr. Ron Hein, Hein & Associates
Ms. Julie Hein, Hein & Associates
1995 Source Book
KANSAS ALEC State Private Enterprise Chairs
Mr. Ron Hein, Hein & Associates
Ms. Julie Hein, Hein & Associates
1998 Annual Meeting
Kansas ALEC Private Sector State Chairs
Ron and Julie Hein, Hein and Weir Chartered
Michael Morgan, Koch Industries’*
2010 Annual Meeting
Recognized as Private Sector Members of the Year were
Pat Cannon of Allergan, Inc., Julie and Ron Hein of Hein Law Firm, Pete Hernandez of AT&T, Bruce MacRae of UPS, David Powers of Reynolds American, and Mickey Revenaugh of Connections Academy.
2011 Annual Meeting
Kansas ALEC Private Sector State Chairs
Ms. Julie Hein, Hein Law Firm
Mr. Ron Hein, Esq., Hein Law Firm
Michael Morgan, Koch Industries Public Sector LLC

So you would kinda figure that this guy and his “associate” would have enough money to cover his ALEC expenses – right?So you would kinda figure that this ALEC Private Sector State Chair would have enough money to cover his ALEC expenses – right?

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