Koch brothers’ tentacles reach well into Congress

An old post (2/8/11), but with Paul Ryan getting the republican veep nod today, it takes on greater relevancy
ThinkProgress reports that a powerful congressman, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, attended the billionares’ caucus two weekends ago. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee and wants to make radical cuts to Social Security and Medicare. He also proposes raising taxes on the middle class and cutting them for the rich.

The folks at OneWisconsinNow were not pleased to hear that Ryan was partying with the Kochs. Said the group’s leader, Scot Ross, Paul Ryan has supported, in lock step, the big oil, anti-accountability for Wall Street agenda of Koch Industries, so he was in perfect company. We encourage Paul Ryan to make public the speech he made at the fundraising event, so that Wisconsin will know what he has to say about our priorities when he attends his Koch parties.

The party, which was held in Rancho Mirage in Southern California, drew the attention of the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper investigated the relationship between the Kochs, who own energy firm Koch Industries, and members of Congress who oppose climate-change legislation.

The L.A. Times found the Koch brothers are at the heart of Republican power

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