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Double Dog Dare – To ALEC State Chairs

In an October 2010 Press Release ALEC stated:

ALEC is a private organization similar to membership organizations such as the YMCA.  Federal law allows non-profits to protect the privacy of non-profit donors, but requires all non-profits to publicly disclose annual financial reports.

No – ALEC is not like the YMCA.

I question why it was important in this press release for ALEC to justify the secrecy of its member list, by noting that they allowed by “Federal law” to “protect the privacy” of their donors.
In my opinion the US public has the right to know who is a card carrying, “copy and paste”, “bill mill” legislative (state and federal) member of ALEC.
Card carrying, “copy and paste”, “bill mill” ALEC legislators (state and federal) who belong to ALEC are basically a nefarious shadow government within the US – with their ALEC identity and political beliefs hidden and unknown to the general public.
It is important to realize that the list of ALEC legislators on ALEC Exposed is incomplete.  The list of ALEC legislators on ALEC Exposed is available only because dedicated researchers have culled every ALEC related document they could find to identify ALEC members.
ALEC members for the most part DO NOT PUBLICLY SELF IDENTIFY with ALEC.
I will bet – yes I will -that NOT ONE ALEC member has contacted ALEC Exposed and said”You don’t have my name on your list, please add it.”
ALEC members don’t want to be known
– ALEC members want to remain hidden and unknown to the general public
because they know deep in their heart that belonging to ALEC is wrong.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
For years, ALEC has spouted off about TRANSPARENCY.
Well – it is time for ALEC to put their 98% of corporate backed money where their mouth is.

TWO YEARS AGO, March 31, 2011, In an ALEC email to their state chairs

ALEC anointed my blog (along with Daily Kos contributors, Democratic Underground contributors, & William Cronin) as “radical opponents”.
In that email to the state chairs ALEC stated:
We want to make you aware of the recent activities from our radical opponents. Liberal blogs are encouraging their followers to confront legislators at town hall meetings, attempt to identify them through inquiries and using email addresses, encourage open records requests of legislator emails, and even picket in Cincinnati. You should know that ALEC staff does not divulge the names of its members or any membership lists. As State Chair, you may be asked for a list of your state members.  It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to release the names of your members.
notice to legislative members-1
In an email to their state chairs ALEC told them:  It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to release the names of your members.
In two years – to the best of my knowledge only two state chairs have willingly released the names of ALEC members in their state.
I am issuing a double dog dare to ALEC state chairs and to ALEC legislative members.
On or before March 31, 2013, two years after ALEC gave you permission
It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to    release the names of your members.
PUBLICLY distribute your entire ALEC state member list.

Send it to CMD  or publish your list (with your name and email) as a comment to this blog entry.

Double dog dare you!

Won’t do it?

Have members that won’t do it?
Why not?

Are your ALEC members embarrassed and ashamed to admit they belong to the right-wing, extremist, ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council?

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ALEC draws attention of the League of Women Voters

The League has supported transparency in government for years.

What is new is that the resolution names, specifically, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The LWV adopted the resolution because some Casper members were concerned about legislators who received ALEC scholarships to attend its meetings and promote model bills, said Amy Williamson of Laramie, LWV president.

The LWV resolution says in part, “There is evidence that members and committees of the Wyoming Legislature sponsor legislation written by political, business and other interest groups that promote their agendas.”

“Efforts by any organization to direct the passage of laws in Wyoming’s Legislature must be transparent to citizens and legislators of Wyoming, consistent with the fundamental principles of openness and accountability,” the LWV resolution adds.

Please click here to read more about this important action by the League of Women Voters to fight back against ALEC.  And demanding transparency on all legislation is necessary to be sure our representatives in government are representing their real constituents and not out there selling their votes to organizations of any political persuasion. 

Wyoming LWV–you have our respect and admiration.


9 TX Republicans, Last 3 TX Democrats Leave ALEC (Updated)

We are pleased to announce that an additional 12 Texas Legislators – 9 Republicans and 3 Democrats – have left and will no longer be a part of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). These 12 Legislators join 12 others who announced they were leaving in April of 2012, bringing the total number of Texas legislators who have left ALEC to 24 this year alone.

“These legislators have shown the courage of their convictions by standing up to a corporate bill factory and declaring their support for the people of Texas above all else,” said Matt Glazer, Executive Director of Progress Texas.

Nationwide, 70 legislators have left ALEC; the 24 that have left from Texas is the most of any state. Additionally, 32 corporations across the country have cut ties with ALEC.  See for a complete list by clicking on their logo on our sidebar under Our Favorite Sites.

To read the complete article from Progress Texas, please click here.

Coalition letter to DNC: Tell Duke Energy to Dump ALEC!

Today, Greenpeace and the Coalition to March on Wall Street South sent a letter to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, highlighting the DNC’s connection to the American Legislative Exchange Council through Duke Energy.

In May, Duke gave ALEC $50,000 for its meeting in Charlotte, NC and has consistently offered staff support at multiple levels of ALEC operations. Now it’s providing office space and a ten million dollar loan for the Democratic National Convention, also in Charlotte. Beyond acting as a political double-agent, Duke Energy’s heavy support for ALEC’s anti-environmental work goes against its own commitments to take climate change and clean energy seriously.

To read all of this excellent Greenpeace USA article by Connor Gibson and to download the pdf file of the complete letter sent to DWS, please click here.

A Lot of White Space: Firms Drop Off ALEC’s Meeting Brochure

Very significant results of the ongoing campaign to make ALEC a toxic relationship for its corporate members.  Reported on by Lisa Graves of CMD and re-posted hereApparent among all of the excellent information she has provided, is the emergence of the State Policy Network (SPN) as perhaps the “heir apparent” to ALEC?  To find out a lot more about SPN, I refer you to Sourcewatch’s report on SPN’s finances, membership, and goals, which you can read by clicking here.

…last year’s conference was filled with favorable press coverage and bankrolled by at least 82 private sector corporations were convention underwriters.

This year, only 36 corporations were willing to have their logos listed as paying for ALEC’s schmooze and booze affair. Not all 46 of those missing corporations have left ALEC, but dozens have fled the sunshine that CMD and other investigative journalists, advocates, and concerned citizens across the country have focused on ALEC and the power it has given to corporations to try to rewrite hundreds of laws across the United States.

Duke Energy Uses ALEC to Attack Climate and Clean Energy Laws in Pay-to-Play Politics

Duke Energy is heavily invested in ALEC in several ways. Duke sponsors ALEC’s meetings, dedicates its staff to help oversee ALEC’s state operations, and consistently operates in ALEC’s anti-environmental task force, a who’s-who of polluters and apologists attacking clean energy legislation that Duke purportedly supports. Here’s an overview of Duke’s notable role in ALEC:

  • Duke representatives Chuck Claunch and Bonnie Loomis are liaisons to ALEC’s Energy, Environment & Agriculture (EEA) task force, which ghostwrites state laws attacking regional climate programs, controls for hazardous coal ash storage, renewable energy standards, EPA enforcement of clean air and water laws, and numerous other polluter handouts written and approved by the oil, coal and public relations companies in the EEA task force’s filthy roster

Read more about the duplicity of Jim Rogers and Duke Energy in this wide ranging and damning report by clicking here