Bush tax cuts

Take it from this business owner: Tax cuts for rich don’t help

If anyone tells you that ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent would hurt job creation, tell them to talk with me

In 1993, we lost much of our business as a result of the supposedly job-creating NAFTA trade agreement as large brands sought out the cheapest labor costs they could in Mexico.

We decided to stick it out and keep good jobs right here in North Carolina. We invested in new technologies that reduced our energy and waste costs. We found new markets for our t-shirts. (and they have been very successful with this approach).

You’d think the economic meltdown and large budget deficit would have shown that giving tax breaks for the best-off Americans makes them richer – it doesn’t pay for itself, it doesn’t trickle down and it doesn’t create jobs, at least not in America.

I know firsthand that investment is the key to keeping my business healthy. I know that the taxes I pay allow the government to reinvest in teachers, roads, clean water and other infrastructure and services that my business depends on to succeed.

As a small business owner, taking money from the budgets of families struggling to make ends meet and giving it to the most prosperous families won’t help my business or our economy. Instead it will continue us down the path of subsidizing the already well off instead of making the investments in our economy and our people that truly strengthen our nation and our homegrown jobs.

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A Wolfram in ALEC Sheep’s Clothing

[summary and lead in as written by Bob Sloan on our Facebook page, Voters Legislative Transparency Project]

Great blog post from 2old2care on “BecauseIcan” blog about ALEC and the way in which the cabal keeps sending out their members masquerading as “journalists” for the RW in an effort to downplay ALEC’s activities. This has been happening for decades – only now we’re up on it as are many more Americans. When we see the articles and just perform a cursory research skim of the authors, journalists and speakers – we always come away with the knowledge that most of those supporting ALEC, praising their work and legislative efforts…are in fact members of ALEC or one of their affiliates. None of the stories are being written by unbiased reporters or journalists – they all come from the same playbook (written by ALEC or Koch) and are slipped into the media in support of ALEC.

I urge all to see for themselves…pick any RW article in support of ALEC and/or the Kochs, then put the author’s name in a search with the American Legislative Exchange Council, or Heritage, CATO, Mackinac…and watch the thousands of returns pop up on your screen.

As a fan of 2old2care’s writing, I also urge you to read it by clicking here