ALEC Now Sponsoring Overtly Political Events with the RSC

GOP’s corporate front group

The revolving door between Capital Hill, the lobbying sector, and corporate jobs is out of control. Unaccountable corporate lobbyists write laws, draft budgets, and create policies that protect personal and business interests.

…But perhaps it is no surprise that the federal Republicans and ALEC have finally gotten a room, and that it’s at the Heritage Foundation. Republicans and ALEC have long held similar beliefs and worked together on the state level. President Bush and other top Republican leaders have spoken to ALEC. The group, which used to be a nonpartisan corporate front group, happy to advance legislation to either party, as long as it served its corporate backers, has increasingly become the state-based arm of the Republican Party’s progressively more conservative legislative agenda.

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Charles Koch: Why We Fight for Economic Freedom

An op-ed written by Chucky for Newsmax.  Let’s see your comments on what he has to say, based on common sense and what you know about the mission of ALEC and the Cabal.  There is so much in this that is anethema to me, I’d love to put together a post based on your comments and criticisms.  Frankly, I think you can pick apart any given sentence in this op-ed which clearly demonstrates how this man–whose money has had such an impact on America and other parts of the world–looks at life.

I just don’t know how to excerpt this, so I will post the entire article.

Charles Koch: Why We Fight for Economic Freedom

Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 09:59 PM

By Charles Koch

Charles Koch, head of Koch Industries, Inc., calls for more economic freedom and more prosperity for all Americans and says big governments “are inherently inefficient and harmful.” More →