do not qualify for 501(c)3

IRS to investigate VLTP Whistleblower Complaint re ALEC

Good news – the IRS has accepted the ALEC IRS claim for an award that we filed back in August.  They assigned a master claim number to the case, 2013-000818 and under that two other claim numbers are provided; 2013-000820 and 2013-000821. The letter advises that as soon as they determine whether or not to […]

Violations of the Internal Revenue Laws by the American Legislative Exchange Council

This article is written by Marcus S. Owens,  Director, Exempt Organizations Division, Internal Revenue Service, 1990-2000 Please click here to see Mr. Owens’ c.v. which establishes him incontrovertibly as an expert in this matter. Now, let’s release Mr. Owens’ smoking gun report about ALEC’s 501(c)3 status, which Common Cause is challenging. The information in this […]