Monsanto Crop Bans by Courts Would Be Reversed in Bill

[Apparently unable to find a friendly court, Monsanto has apparently called in its “friends” at ALEC to resolve this problem in Congress. – Ron]

A House of Representatives committee voted to let farmers grow genetically modified crops developed by Monsanto Co. (MON) and its competitors during legal appeals of the approval process.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture would be required to permit modified crops to be planted and sold into the food supply after the agency’s approvals have been invalidated by a court, under a provision in the fiscal 2013 agriculture spending bill approved by the House Appropriations committee today.

The one-paragraph provision in the the 90-page bill would circumvent legal obstacles that have slowed commercialization of engineered crops, sometimes for years, benefiting Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company. Planting would be permitted until USDA completes any analysis required by a judge.

To read this entire sorry tale of pay-to-play legislation at ALEC, please say “Jack Abramoff” 3 times and click here.