ALEC Votes Down Anti-Common-Core Resolution

The latest news is that on Nov. 19, after several discussions over the past year and at least one postponed vote, ALEC’s legislative board of directors has voted not to adopt the resolution opposing the common core, the group announced in an email. ALEC stated that it will remain “neutral” on the common core, “but will continue to oppose any efforts by the federal government to mandate curriculum.”

…On one side of the debate that went back and forth at ALEC were officials like Indiana Superintendent of Schools Tony Bennett and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Republicans who said the standards are not a federal K-12 takeover but an important way for schools to raise the bar for students. On the other side were policy mavens at places like the Pioneer Institute, the Boston-based think tank, who said that in addition to the political problems the common core posed, the standards themselves did not deliver as advertised in areas like college readiness. As you might expect, the Pioneer Institute was very keen on emphasizing the idea that Bennett’s support for the common core was a big contributor to his defeat in the Nov. 6 election, when he lost to Democrat Glenda Ritz.

Voting down the anti-common-core language isn’t inherently an expression of support for the standards, as ALEC stressed. At the same time, Bennett’s defeat doesn’t appear to have had a chilling affect on other elected state lawmakers when it comes to how they approach the common core. (Incidentally, ALEC’s national chairman, who leads the board of directors that just took the common-core vote, is Rep. Dave Frizzell, a state lawmaker in Bennett’s own Indiana.)

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