Objects in the Mirror May be Closer Than They Look – VIDEO

New Back Alley Emerges as U.S. Abortion Restrictions Rise

Thanh Tan, reporter for the Texas Tribune, talks with Rachel Maddow about how increasing abortion restrictions in the U.S. are contributing to a “new back alley”, manifested in part in a new trend in American women seeking dangerous abortion alternatives from Mexican

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“Educating” our State and Federal Judges – Video

The subject of this 20/20 investigation is perhaps more prescient today than it was originally broadcast.  Then we did not know the depth of the Koch Brothers/ALEC’s radical right wing Cabal’s efforts to impact the Judicial branch of our government, the way that ALEC has wooed legislators in order to influence the Legislative branch of our government.  This Cabal is what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right wing conspiracy”.

Read Bob Sloan’s Special Report on ALEC’s Federal Interference right on this site at http://www.vltp.net/prvt-edu-sys/alecs-koch-funded-cabal-educating-our-state-and-federal-judges (or by the same name on the Daily Kos) to see the significance of what we should have reacted to in 2001.

A hidden-camera investigation by ABCs 20/20 reveals federal judges playing golf and lounging at a premier Tucson resort at the expense of anti-environmental front groups funded by corporations often having cases before those judges.

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