Detroit Public School Test Results Misleading

images[2]As Detroit Public Schools are bragging-up their progress on the newly released MEAP (Michigan Educational Assessment Program) test scores, they are hoping that the media doesn’t remember that Emergency Manager Roy Roberts cut the academic dead weight of the 15 lowest performing schools in his district by hiding them away in the Educational Achievement Authority.

Admittedly, DPS is making slight progress, as part of a trend found across the state, but Roy Roberts gamed the system through the EAA, and should get over the self-puffery of the illusion of improvement. DPS scores lag dramatically compared to statewide averages in math, science, social studies, and writing, however they are beginning to show some meager progress in reading. Find DPS scores here.

The EAA, composed of only those 15 former DPS schools, should be factored-in when evaluated DPS progress. The truly abysmal EAA scores are deeply troubling. In math only o.9% of 3rd graders, 0.3% of 6th graders, and 0.5% of 8th graders were found proficient. In science 0% of both 5th and 8th graders were proficient in science. Find EAA scores here.

One wonders if the projected expansion of the EAA to 60 schools over the next five years,which is rumored to include an additional 10 schools from DPS, is Robert’s plan for further improving MEAP results. With his brutal cut-back management style and the closure of so many schools, combined with increased Detroit-area youth poverty and a disproportionate number of special needs students, Roberts will have to get “creative” to sell the public on the notion of measurable progress.

Amy Kerr Hardin from Democracy Tree

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