Michigan House of Represenatives Perfects the Ulitimate Dick-Move

The Michigan House of Representatives — A Bunch of Bullies:

On the heels of yesterday’s GOP House threats to drastically cut funding for the Department of Human Services, (a dick-move cold enough to warrant the use of the kelvin scale), the House Appropriations Committee came through today with their previous threats to punish good-faith negotiations and passed an omnibus education bill that is intended to penalize schools and local units of government for legally renegotiating contracts prior to Right-to-Work taking effect on March 28th of this year.

And much like yesterday, the Senate refused to participate in this reckless and childish behavior. Senator Howard Walker (R) told the Detroit Free Press “What folks are doing at the local level, that’s a big issue at the local level and I’m not sure it’s appropriate for our budget”, and another Senate Republican, Sen. John Pappageorge (R), minced no words when he said “I’m not going to punish anybody for something they did legally”.

Although no one reasonably expects the penalties to become part of the final law, the House Appropriations Chair, Rep. Joe Haverman, explained their rationale for withholding funds thusly:

“I’d like to see the language stay, but we understand that we have to negotiate with the other side,…But the main focus should be that local taxpayers, students and parents be aware of what their boards did and if they negotiated a good contract.”

Democracy Tree submits that Rep. Haverman and his colleagues do not fully understand how the democratic process works under home rule in Michigan. Those elected boards that renegotiated the contracts in good faith were chosen by voters, and it is their business alone to determine if the boards acted in the best interest of the communities they serve. The last thing voters want or need is for a bunch of whiny lawmakers going about punishing their schools and communities because a minor loophole was found in a bad law that does not even enjoy popular support.

Enough with their blustering and bullying. Michigan House — Grow up!

Amy Kerr Hardin from Democracy Tree