Michigan lame duck session

Right to Work — The Domino Effect

images[9]Lawmakers in states that formerly lacked the political will to openly bust unions with Right to Work laws are now lining-up like dominoes, emboldened by the Michigan lame duck legislative feeding frenzy that puked-up, among 300 hastily passed laws, a RTW bill that the spineless flip-flopping governor meekly signed into law, after saying he had no interest in that agenda.

A few days ago, Wisconsin threatened a new RTW push, citing Michigan as inspiration, and now Keystone State Rep. Jim Cox (R-ALEC) is sponsoring a package of bills that will push his Pennsylvania workers over that cliff. Americans for Prosperity is prepared to throw their full weight behind this, making the claim that RTW states have fared better in this economy — a fantasy assertion that is not borne out in reality. More →

Michigan Republicans… Toying with Democracy

A (satirical) Holiday Card from Republican Lawmakers:

Dear Michigan,

Season’s Greetings from Lansing to All Our Friends!

It’s that time of year Michigan Republicans like to share what the kids in Congress have been up to — capping-off another year of magic and wonder for the whole gang.

Santa came early for Michigan Republicans. And boy did they get spoiled this year! First they eagerly ripped open a package from Governor Snyder himself . Wow! — it was a Magic Kit!

Our Republican lawmakers, not being the brightest kids (shhh! They More →