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Intrusion embarrasses ‘Fort Knox of uranium’

from the China Post.  It is news everywhere when the security of our nuclear weapons technology is shown up by two elderly nuns.  Thank you to ALEC member (or ex-member depending on how much you believe their spokesperson) G4S, the owner of prison profitization operators, GEO and the company that could not provide their contracted security services to the London Olympic Games.  It goes to prove the maxim, you get what you pay for.

Officials like to refer to the Y-12 National Security Complex as the Fort Knox for highly enriched uranium, which is why an unprecedented incursion by an 82-year-old nun and two fellow protesters has critics mocking the notion that the weapons plant is as secure as the site where the U.S. stores its gold reserves.

Operations resumed last week after being shut down over the embarrassing incident 18 days earlier. The Department of Energy has called on the contractor that runs the sensitive facility just west of Knoxville to explain why it shouldn’t be replaced.

Y-12 makes uranium parts for every warhead in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, dismantles old weapons and is the nation’s primary storehouse for bomb-grade uranium.

Officials insist that despite the more than two hours that the protesters went unchallenged on the facility, there was never any danger of them getting to materials that could be detonated on site or used to assemble a dirty bomb.  ROFLMAO  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you that spans the Hudson River.

Peter Stockton, a former DOE adviser on nuclear security in the Clinton administration and a senior investigator with the Project On Government Oversight, said… “It is simply (expletive) unbelievable,”

One indicator of how serious authorities consider the July breach is how they’re treating the arrested trio…federal prosecutors have thrown the book at the three protesters, charging them with offenses that could carry cumulative prison sentences of 16 years for Sister Megan Rice of Las Vegas, Michael Walli of Washington and Greg Boertje-Obed of Duluth, Minnesota.

“That’s the reaction to the embarrassment,” said Ralph Hutchison, of the loose-knit Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.

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Activists, including nun, pull off ‘shocking’ security breach at nuclear weapons plant

Spin this as they will, this is a very significant breach of our National Security, enabled by a company that had a history of inadequate security performance.

In what one expert is calling the most significant security breach of a U.S. nuclear weapons facility in the country’s history, three peace activists, including an 82-year-old nun, were able to cut through several perimeter fences and reach a building containing highly enriched uranium before being stopped by security forces.

Joshua McConaha, a spokesperson for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), confirmed for Security Director News that the activists were able to cut through four perimeter fences—not three as other news outlets have previously reported—to access the facility grounds and reach the outer wall of the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility in Oak Ridge…

…The contractor that provides the people tasked with securing the Y-12 facility is WSI Oak Ridge, a division of G4S Government Solutions (formerly Wackenhut Services Inc.).

Stockton said this is not the first time Wackenhut, which was acquired by G4S in 2002, has been under scrutiny for its contracts guarding nuclear facilities. In 2007, security guards at a Pennsylvania plant were caught napping on the job, costing G4S that contract.

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