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I Didn’t Vote For Defense Cuts I Voted For – SAY WHAT? – VIDEO

Whoops.  Soledad O’Brien.  Nora O’Donnell.  Not letting their guests get away with just throwing out some BS from their stump speeches when they don’t have anything else to say–which is obviously far too many times,

Paul Ryan could not stand up to Nora’s questioning and seemed pretty confused about what he voted for and what he voted against.  What’s the matter Mr. Ryan – electile dysfunction?

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KOCHTOPUS: The Kochs’ Influence Network Explained – VIDEO

This artistic interpretation of the Kochtopus is from “Outing the Oligarchy: Billionaires Who Benefit from Today’s Climate Crisis” from the International Forum on Globalization.



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Did David Koch Buy Paul Ryan’s VP Nomination? – VIDEO

Cenk Uyger covers a Roger Stone report that David Koch may have lobbied heavily for Paul Ryan’s selection as VP — in exchange for an additional $100 million to Romney-friendly super PACs.

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Rape Is Just Another ‘Method Of Conception’ – Paul Ryan – VIDEO

I think the title of the video pretty much says it all.  What a friggin’ moron.  And this is from a candidate who could be Vice President.  Is this the message we want our elected officials spreading around the world?  

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Koch Brothers Reach Deal With Cato

The Koch brothers have been fighting to take control of the Cato Institute, against the wishes of its current leaders and staff, who they deem insufficiently devoted to the cause of plutocracy and the Republican Party. After a lengthy, public fight, the two sides reached a compromise, in which CEO Ed Crane will be pushed out and John Allison will take charge of the libertarian think tank. Allison is the former chairman of BB&T bank and best known for donating vast sums to universities and using his leverage to force them to assign their students to read Ayn Rand screeds. The running of a libertarian think tank seems like a more appropriate venue for Allison to act upon his devotion to Rand’s nuttery than forcing it upon students who are trying to learn actual stuff.

Allison’s ascension is in keeping with the general trend of the Washington libertarian movement to define itself mainly in economic terms. (The trend has been opposed by a handful of libertarian dissidents, the most prominent of whom have been purged.)

To read more about the libertarian shift of policy and how this act by Chuckie and Davy fit into this, please click hereGot to wonder what libertarians Ron and Rand Paul think about this.