Voter ID Laws Passed Since 2011


Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin all passed new voter ID laws in their 2011 or 2012 legislative sessions.  For each state, this memorandum provides: a brief description of the substance of the new law; its effective date; the types of photo IDs accepted; exceptions to the ID requirement, if any; any affidavit alternative to providing a photo ID; the photo ID requirements for early and absentee voting, if any; provisions relating to obtaining free ID; and public education requirements.

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GOP Front Group Suing States To Force Voter Purges

A Tea Party group is suing states to try to purge their voter rolls before November’s election. True the Vote, an arm of the King Street Patriots, has filed a suit against the state of Indiana, alleging that the state has poor “list maintenance” of its voters.

[nice of them to do the dirty work of ALEC politicians, but then again, if ALEC is the legislative arm of the conservative Cabal, the Tea parties are its stormtroopers]

This suit kicks off a series of state-focused attempts by True the Vote, serving as a co-plaintiff with the conservative “watchdog” group Judicial Watch, to limit voter turnout this election season. Voter purges may be presented under the guise of fairer elections, but the idea of “cleaning” a list usually results in legal voters — overwhelmingly voters of color — being kicked off the rolls.

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11 More Democratic Legislators Leave ALEC

8 Pennsylvannia legislators: Sen. Lisa Boscola, Sen. Leanna Washington, Sen. Anthony Williams, Rep. Nick Kotik, Rep. Ted Harhai, Rep. William Keller, Rep. Joseph Markosek, Rep. Joseph Petrarca

2 Illinois legislators: Rep. Mary Flowers, Rep. Brendan Phelps

1 Iowa legislator: Rep. Brian Quirk

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Is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Serious Trouble? Look at their website

by Hector Solon

Remember this one… This is a website screen shot of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  April 13, 2012. The day they all, the Koch Brothers and their mega-wealthy cabal, greedy CEOs, and hundreds of US and Multinational Corporations which are ALEC Members, a number which is falling rapidly…

got a Wake Up Call!

PS Do not donate ALEC or what people are calling a “radical right-wing organization” or that is what they say we call them, and they are right. You might donate to the orgs below instead.

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