Rachel Maddow

New ID Laws, More Voter Suppression. Will Obama Campaign Engage?

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This is a composite of successive segments of the Rachel
Maddow Show on MSNBC 8/10/12

(1)  New ID laws, Purges, Reduced Access Advance GOP
War on Voting

Rachel Maddow reports on new Republican-set obstacles
to voting around the country, from Voter ID laws in
Pennsylvania, to voter purges in Iowa, to reduced voting
access in Democratic counties in Ohio


(2)  Will Obama Campaign Engage Ohio Voting Access

Ted Strickland, former Ohio Governor, co-chairman of
President Obama’s re-election campaign, talks with Rachel
Maddow about the Obama campaign’s reaction to the
Republican effort to make voting more difficult in 2012
and whether the Obama campaign plans to take action
against the new partisan voting access disparities in Ohio,


Rachel Maddow – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This picture was a screen capture from a video I was downloading,  It is from the MSNBC web site for The Rachel Maddow Show.

Take a good look at the photo (the red arrow is a give-away) and you’ll understand why MSNBC does not talk as much about ALEC as they should.  Yesterday, I saw another video with an ad from United Health Care.

ALEC’s corporate members carry a lot of influence on media content by the way they spend their advertising dollars.

BTW, next time you watch MSNBC, check out who their other sponsors are.  Have your list of ALECExposed.org’s list of ALEC’s For Profit Corporation Members handy.  They know how to keep the opposition quiet.

FL State Rep. Dennis Baxley, Sponsor of ‘Right to Kill’ Law, Also Proud Racialist, Vote Suppressor

By Brad Friedman

It turns out that Republican Florida state Rep. Dennis Baxley is far more odious than we realized when, last December, we described him as, among other things, “reprehensible”, “anti-American” and “democracy-hating”.

It appears we were way too kind.

Baxley, it seems, was the chief, NRA-funded sponsor behind Florida’s 2005 “Stand Your Ground” law — better described as a “Right to Kill” law — the first of many similar ALEC-templated bills to be passed by Republicans in states across the country, allowing for what opponents had warned at the time, would result in “racially motivated killings.”

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