Texas Public School Course Teaches the ‘Racial Origins Traced from Noah’

A new report put out by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund reveals that in several public school classes on the impact of the Bible on history have found classes teaching from a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian standpoint.

A Southern Methodist University religious studies professor Mark Chancey found instances of students learning a literal interpretation of the Bible, that the earth is approximately 6,000 years old and that Judaism is a “flawed and incomplete religion” with materials “designed to evangelize rather than provide an objective study of the Bible’s influence.”

TFN also found a lesson explaining “racial origins traced from Noah.”
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This Is What Voter Suppression Looks Like – VIDEO

Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews discuss the rapid decrease of Democratic voting registration in Florida and discuss the voter suppression in the state.  Please click here to watch the video.

Following up on this at The Maddow Blog:

…Republicans in Florida set out to make registering voters harder for this election. The new rules took effect last year, and the results are clear. Republicans are still reaching and registering new voters, if not quite as many. Democrats, as you can see on the chart (below), are scarcely registering new voters at all.

In May, a federal court blocked enforcement of the law. The Florida Times-Union reports that June and July posted the highest numbers of new voters all year.

Has Rick Scott gotten away with disenfranchising poor people of all races, and people of color– who’ve historically had to do battle with laws preventing them from voting; as well as senior citizens and college students. Then, there are groups like newly-married couples, or newly-divorced ones, the transgendered community, Native Americans, American citizens with immigrant family members, and, to add insult to injury……those who may have recently lost their homes due to the foreclosure crisis?

Hey, you there in Florida, your voting apathy in 2010 is why you (and the rest of America) are stuck with Rick Scott in the first place.

This is much bigger than one presidential election. This is about the future of our democracy. Please, register to vote.  Then be ready to either fill in and mail your absentee ballots—give them a week or two to be delivered–or get in line on November 6.

Ohio GOP Elections Board Member Admits Desire to Exclude Blacks From Voting

What a surprise!  I am only surprised any more by those who persist in denying this.

At least Ohio GOP Election board member Doug Priesse is honest. In an email to The Columbus Dispatch he admitted that he’s not really interested in extending early voting. Here is his reason:

“You would almost have to be as blind as a bat not to see the politics,” said Anthony, former chairman of the county Democratic Party. “Listen, call it what it really is.”

“What it really is” to many Republicans is simply an attempt to help President Barack Obama win re-election.

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine,” said Doug Preisse, chairman of the county Republican Party and elections board member who voted against weekend hours, in an email to The Dispatch. “Let’s be fair and reasonable.”

I see. Fair and reasonable. Of course. That would be fair and reasonable to Republicans, because black people tend to vote for Democrats, and those dirty urban voters should not under any circumstances, not any, no way no how, be allowed to vote if it is possible to exclude them.

To read this article, which unabashedly admits the racism inherent in Ohio politics, please click here

Chris Hayes On How The Republicans Intend To Prevent Millions From Voting

After one of the most powerful and courageous social movements in American history, one which took the lives of at least 40 people, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, LBJ famously signed the voting rights act in 1965 ending these practices.

“Wherever, by clear and objective standards, states and counties are using regulations, or laws, or tests to deny the right to vote, then they will be struck down. If it is clear that State officials still intend to discriminate, then Federal examiners will be sent in to register all eligible voters. When the prospect of discrimination is gone, the examiners will be immediately withdrawn. And, under this act, if any county anywhere in this Nation does not want Federal intervention it need only open its polling places to all of its people.”

It wasn’t until the passage of the Voting Rights Act, and the many amendments to it over the years that black people in the South and in some places outside the South could actually exercise their right to be full participating citizens in American democracy.

To read this entire article, a treatise on voting rights and the efforts to suppress them, please click hereThe article includes an embedded video.  If you prefer to watch the video and not read the entire report, it is posted to the VLTPVideoChannel, which you can access by clicking here

ALEC & SLLI – “Bipartisan” Bigotry

[from MNDem999, one of my favorite writers, this article that shows the racism which is rampant within ALEC.  This is important to know about]

There appears to be a dirty little secret lurking in the halls and cocktail parties of the of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meetings  – overt racism.

…In 2009 The Progressive States Network published a report by the Center for New Community that contained a list of SLLI state representatives.  When reviewing the 2009 SLLI state representatives list of “participating states” representatives – 67% of them were also ALEC members. .

According to the Center for New Community
Members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) do not operate independently. Each member of SLLI is working hand-in-hand with John Tanton’s (advocate of eugenics) network to misuse the issue of immigration to undermine progressive values.

ALEC members of SLLI are listed in the article.

That should have gotten your interest.  To read the entire diary by MNDem999, please click here

In Arizona dissent, Scalia blasts Obama’s deportation stay, immigration policies

Justice Antonin Scalia criticized President Barack Obama’s announcement earlier this month that he would stay the deportation of young illegal immigrants and suggested that the federal government does not want to enforce its immigration laws…

…Scalia also repeatedly referenced Obama’s policy of prosecutorial discretion…

…Scalia directly referred to Obama’s immigration enforcement policy as “lax”…

…Arizona’s entire immigration law should be upheld, Scalia wrote, because it is “entitled” to make its own immigration policy. At one point, he cites the fact that before the Civil War, Southern states could exclude free blacks from their borders to support the idea that states should be able to set their own immigration policies.

Ron’s personal opinion:  Scalia is clearly not rational when it comes to anything having to do with President Obama, as he opined more about politics and the President, than about the law in his dissent to the court’s decision.  And if he wants a return to pre-civil war civil rights, a predisposition to racism is apparent in his personal beliefs which prevent him from interpreting the law impartially--as a Supreme Court Justice is charged..  If it was not for a republican majority in the House of Representative, he should be impeached–but the House is not going to impeach one of its own.

To read more about Scalia, and the way he thinks, click here.

The Latest on the Trayvon Martin Case

Ten Pieces of New Evidence

Last night, state prosecutors released a large amount of evidence — including 183 pages of documents and numerous multimedia files — related to their murder case against George Zimmerman. Here are ten notable pieces evidence that were just made public:

To get the latest information on this horrible murder case and how it is being handled, please click here

FL State Rep. Dennis Baxley, Sponsor of ‘Right to Kill’ Law, Also Proud Racialist, Vote Suppressor

By Brad Friedman

It turns out that Republican Florida state Rep. Dennis Baxley is far more odious than we realized when, last December, we described him as, among other things, “reprehensible”, “anti-American” and “democracy-hating”.

It appears we were way too kind.

Baxley, it seems, was the chief, NRA-funded sponsor behind Florida’s 2005 “Stand Your Ground” law — better described as a “Right to Kill” law — the first of many similar ALEC-templated bills to be passed by Republicans in states across the country, allowing for what opponents had warned at the time, would result in “racially motivated killings.”

To read the rest of this blog, which contains a video by Rachel Maddow and also an interview with Dennis Baxley, please click here.