VA GOP Shameless in Drive To Rig Elections – VIDEO

VA Senate Forces Through New District Maps

editor’s note:  It takes two articles to explain what happened in the Virginia Senate today.  In all of 40 minutes, GOP Senators took advantage of the absence of a Democratic Senator to gerrymander the Commonwealth’s districts to make it impossible for Democrats to win in VA–both in State and National elections.  Under this plan, Romney would have taken more electoral votes out of Virginia than Obama would.

Included here is a report from with the details of how this was done.

Then there is a video from The Rachel Maddow Show talking about today’s events but from wider and deeper angles.

Three things about this event really bother me.

1.  The relationships in the General Assembly are undoubtedly poisoned beyond the point of no return.

2.  How could Democrats actually believe a Republican promise that was not in writing–signed, notarized, and entered into the public record?  Remember, this is the state of Governor Ultrasound.

3.  And perhaps the worst–“it’s just not fair”.  NOT FAIR?  Prone to understatement are we?  Show some damn outrage!  If you are going to fight this, start your fight immediately.
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