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DeMint’s Bold Plan for Heritage: How to Lie More Effectively

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, hero to the overlapping Tea Party and Religious Right wings of the Republican Party, was kindly granted space by the Washington Post to tell us what he plans to do in his new job at the Heritage Foundation.

DeMint, a former ad man, promises to launch a “conservative revival” by figuring out how to do a better job selling conservative policies to the American public. That’s not exactly a big shift for the folks at Heritage, which is and always has been a giant marketing operation for right-wing “ideas.”

The most revealing thing in DeMint’s column is his use of a thoroughly debunked lie that Republicans tried to use against President Obama in last year’s campaign.  Says DeMint of President Obama, “He disabled welfare reform last year, when he took away the work requirements that were at the heart of that law’s success.”

That false claim earned politicians like Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum “Pants on Fire” ratings from Politifact and similar ratings from other fact checkers.  It’s a gross distortion of an Obama administration decision to give states more flexibility to come up with new ways to meet the law’s work requirements – something sought by Republican governors.  Even some Republicans, including one architect of welfare reform, called the charge false when the Romney campaign made it.

As we know from his climate change denialism, DeMint isn’t as concerned about truth as about creating his own reality — the way Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber have tried to do.  “One lesson I learned in marketing is that, for consumers and voters, perception is reality.”

Maybe reporters should start referring to Heritage as a “perception tank.”

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by Peter Montgomery

GOP Governors Hoard Funds, Escalate Layoffs; Put Drag on Economy (CHART)

1 Alabama Republican $51,000,000 40.5%
2 Indiana Republican $1,124,000,000 $57,000,000
3 Maine Republican $19,000,000 $71,000,000
4 Michigan Republican $554,000,000 $2,000,000
5 Minnesota Republican $1,289,000,000 $9,000,000
6 Montana Republican $340,000,000
7 New Hampshire Republican $27,000,000 $9,000,000
8 North Carolina Democratic $583,000,000 $296,000,000
9 Ohio Republican $845,000,000
10 Pennsylvania Republican $1,073,000,000
11 Wisconsin Republican $86,000,000
12 Texas Republican $1,136,000,000 $5,012,000,000 31.0%
TOTAL $7,127,000,000 $5,456,000,000 71.5%
Compiled by
Sources: A Fiscal Survey of States, Spring 2012, produced by the National Governors’ Association and the National Association of State Budget Officers. Roosevelt Institute, March 27, 2012; 

Twelve Red states, 11 of which went Red in 2010, were responsible for almost ¾ of the total public sector job loss in 2011, while sitting on more than $12.5 billion in hoarded state funds. Without these layoffs, economists say, our national unemployment would have been around 7% today. What could be their reason for this? Given the GOP pledge to “make President Obama a one-term president,” one has to wonder.

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