Russell Pearce

ALEC & SLLI – “Bipartisan” Bigotry

[from MNDem999, one of my favorite writers, this article that shows the racism which is rampant within ALEC.  This is important to know about]

There appears to be a dirty little secret lurking in the halls and cocktail parties of the of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meetings  – overt racism.

…In 2009 The Progressive States Network published a report by the Center for New Community that contained a list of SLLI state representatives.  When reviewing the 2009 SLLI state representatives list of “participating states” representatives – 67% of them were also ALEC members. .

According to the Center for New Community
Members of State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) do not operate independently. Each member of SLLI is working hand-in-hand with John Tanton’s (advocate of eugenics) network to misuse the issue of immigration to undermine progressive values.

ALEC members of SLLI are listed in the article.

That should have gotten your interest.  To read the entire diary by MNDem999, please click here

Second ALEC-Approved Law Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court

In a little-noticed ruling amidst clamor over the healthcare decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, holding it was preempted by the National Voting Registration Act (NVRA). The law was adopted as a “model” bill by the American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC] in 2008. For the second time in one week, the conservative U.S. Supreme Court has curtailed ALEC’s anti-immigrant agenda.

On June 28, the Supreme Court dealt the ALEC agenda another blow by declining to stay a ruling by the Ninth Circuit holding that Arizona’s Proposition 200 (the ALEC Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act) was preempted by the NVRA. The NVRA, also known as the “Motor Voter Act,” was designed to make voter registration more simple and unified. Arizona’s refusal to accept federal voter registration forms without proof of citizenship, the Ninth Circuit held, imposed additional restrictions beyond what was called for under the federal law.

To read the all of the details about the latest results to this Russell Pearce/Jan Brewer/ALEC, please click here.