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Teachers on strike in Chicago are fighting for their students to get a quality education

When I was a kid, having a good teacher was the key ingredient to getting a good education, just as it is now. And when I was a kid my teachers were unionized, just as they are now. But now the same teachers who want the same decent wages and working conditions and the same promise of a reasonably secure retirement are accused of being the problem in our schools today. Special interests who want to push standardized testing and privatize our nation’s public schools are demonizing the teachers who oppose these measures.

…The Chicago teachers also object to their performance and jobs being tied to standardized tests. In March, education researchers from 16 universities sent a letter to Emanuel and the head of the Chicago Public Schools warning against such measures, pointing out among other things that such test-based teacher evaluations have been shown to be highly unreliable measures of teacher quality. Moreover, standardized test results are often influenced by poverty, homelessness, crime and other social issues beyond the influence of teachers. And we know this type of teacher evaluation risks creating teachers who “teach to the test” instead of the creative, dynamic teachers we need.

…Meanwhile, under the guise of “reform,” Emanuel wants to vastly expand charter schools in Chicago to eventually encompass half of the city’s education system. This amid evidence that charter school siphon taxpayer money and strong students out of public schools and leave poor students and students with disabilities worse off. But Rahm Emanuel actually hired protesters to make his proposals look good while demonizing teachers. But parents are standing with the teachers and their union.

To read this entire article which goes a long way to explaining the teachers’ strike in Chicago, I highly recommend that you click here


Texas Schools on the Road to Privatization

When Will Public Schools in Texas Close Down?

The new AYP figures are just out in Texas, and only 44% of the schools in the state made adequate yearly progress.

Next year it will be a lot worse.

By the rules set out in the NCLB law, the schools that can’t make it in a five-year frame will have to do something dramatic.  Among the choices are:

They can turn into a charter school.

They can be taken over by a private management firm.

They can be taken over by the State Department of Education.

Or, they can do some other kind of major restructuring.

Well, folks, sorry to say that public education in Texas is heading for a cliff.

Remember that it was the “Texas miracle” that put the whole nation on the magic school bus to privatization.

Here’s an idea: If nothing changes (and it won’t), just don’t give the tests next year. If you want to keep public education, don’t give the tests.

Unless, that is, you want to give your public schools to some private company to run.

The ALEC M.O. for privatizing our public schools is nearing completion in Texas.  To read the complete article by Diane Ravitch, please click here

Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid’s lunch money?

ALEC is working to ensure that public education dollars get diverted to private profits. Their approach is working — for them. Not so much for the students who pay the price in the form of a subpar education and poor performance.

Conservatives say welfare for poor people is a problem that needs to be addressed.  How can children become independent without a good public education?  Corporations should NOT be profiting from the education of our children.  This is the last big pot of money that corporations are after.  ALEC is trying to help state legislatures hand our public education over to the profiteers with our tax dollars.

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